The Xiaomi AutoFull Sports Car Concept Design Gaming Chair Is Here

It seems like China is making big leaps forward when it comes to online gaming. As of recently, the country recognized eSports as a profession. And just like with other professions, there are many accessories and products that are needed to ensure optimal comfort.c

Xiaomi Is Entering The Gaming Chair Market With A Premium Leather Chair

In the latest gaming chair news, we see the popular brand Xiaomi with a new major milestone – a leather-style gaming chair with a price of 979 yuan ($146). Named the AutoFull gaming chair, this product basically mimics a sports car concept and design which is inspired by sports cars.

Ergonomic and featuring a long side curvature, the chair provides a comfortable seating position for gamers. Even its headrest is designed with a lumbar pillow of considerable thickness and large size that enhances the comfort of the seat.

The actual materials used include high-quality top layer cowhide, which is not sultry if used for a long time. The same material is used on the back of the chair. When it comes to the actual foam used, it is a 45D high-density cotton that ensures a comfortable and soft sitting feel. The high-density cotton will also ensure that the hip pressure is scientifically dispersed.

4D Armrests, Backrest Area & Soft PU Wrapped Rollers Are Some Of The Main Features

In other words, this chair is premium and will not collapse when it is used for a long period of time. Furthermore, the gaming chair will come with professional 4D armrests and a backrest area which can be adjusted in the same pattern as a sports car seat (front and back). Its height can also move up and down, and there is soft PU wrapped silent rollers which give the chair a lot of mobility without making marks on the floor or weird sounds.

Right now, the available colors of the Xiaomi AutoFull gaming chair include yellow, blue and gray leather accents – and the product is available on the Xiaomi Youpin website.


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