What Gaming Chair Does LIRIK Use?

LIRIK (Saqib Zahid) is a world-renowned Twitch streamer who rose to fame playing games like World of Warcraft and PUBG.

As one of the best Twitch gamers out there, you can bet he has one the best gaming chairs too, which is why I’ve put together this in-depth guide to LIRIK’s gaming chair.

What gaming chair does LIRIK use? LIRIK uses the DXRacer Racing Series gaming chair, a medium-size chair from one of the leading eSports and gaming chair brands on the market. Despite having a professional gaming chair, LIRIK has previously said he feels that these chairs aren’t necessary and sometimes switches it out in favor of a very basic office chair.

So, is LIRIK right? Does using a professional gaming chair like the DXRacer Racing Series really make a difference, or is it just hype? Read on and you can make your own mind up as we explore the benefits of LIRIK’s gaming chair together. Let’s jump into it!

Key Benefits of LIRIK’s chair: the DXRacer Racing Series 

The DXRacer Racing Series is definitely a chair that is fit for a pro gamer like LIRIK. Here are some of the key features and benefits that make this chair extra special:

Highly Durable

All DXRacer chairs are made with the best possible materials to make sure they’re built to last. This is especially true for the DXRacer Racing Series, as the chair comes with a metal frame, 5-star inlaid color bar base, and class 4 gas lift.

This is the kind of chair that will still look and feel as good as new even after many months of use.

Excellent Padding

The DXRacer Racing Series has super-plush padding made of high-density mold shaping foam.

This basically means that the padding adapts to your weight and pressure for extra comfort while still being firm enough to provide good support for your rear-end. It’s exactly what a guy like Lirik, who spends hours on end sitting down, needs.

Great Ergonomics

LIRIK’s chair also features a superb ergonomic design that protects his back and helps him to keep good posture all the way across those long Twitch streams.

Some ergonomic features worth mentioning include the multi-functional tilt with tilt lock, which allows you to adjust the backrest easily, and the 4D armrests that promote good wrist ergonomics.

Stylish Design

If you’re going to be streaming in front of thousands of viewers every day, it goes without saying that you need your setup to look the part too.

The DXRacer Racing Series definitely delivers in that regard, as it looks super-slick and stylish with nice upholstery, strikingly colored stitching, and a nice high back.

Who Else Uses a DXRacer Gaming Chair?

LIRIK isn’t the only professional gamer using a DXRacer gaming chair. The brand is hugely popular amongst YouTubers, Twitchers, eSports professionals, and other influencers. Here are a few other well-known names in the gaming scene that use DXRacers:

  • Jacksepticeye – Jack uses the DXRacer OH/SJ08 series. He’s one of the biggest gaming YouTubers out there.
  • Dr. Disrespect – Dr. Disrespect uses the DXRacer Formula Series. This is another one of DXRacers smaller chairs that is very similar to the Racing Series.
  • Avxry – Professional Fortnire player and YouTuber Avxry also uses the DXRacer Formula Series. He uses the black/blue OH/FH11/NB model

How Much Does LIRIK’s Gaming Chair Cost?

LIRIK’s gaming chair, the DXRacer Racing Series, currently costs around $350. The exact price might vary a little depending on the exact model you get, when you buy it, and where you buy it, but it’s usually around that price.

$350 seems like a lot, but it’s actually not that bad. It’s not the most expensive chair DXRacer has ever made, and it’s actually kind of mid-range when you look at the market as a whole.

Luxury gaming chair prices can be as much as $2000 at the top-end of the market, and as cheap as $50 at the bottom end. At $350, the Racing Series exists somewhere in the middle.

It represents good value for money and delivers professional-level gaming seating at a price that won’t totally break the bank.

I’m not totally convinced that LIRIK actually paid that price, of course.

Gaming chair brands often give their chairs to influencers for free in order to make their brand visible to their huge audiences, so it’s possible that LIRIK didn’t actually pay a penny. Who knows?

Is LIRIK’s Gaming Chair Worth It?

So you know the price, now you’re probably wondering if it’s worth it.

While LIRIK might have said a basic office chair is good enough, theirs no denying that a chair like the DXRacer Racing Series makes a huge difference to your comfort, health, and even gaming performance.

I’d definitely say it’s worth investing in a gaming chair like the DXRacer Racing Series if:

  • You spend many hours a day (4+) sitting down in your chair
  • You’re bigger or taller than the average gamer
  • You tend to suffer from back or leg pain while seated

If any of the above is true, it’s more important to be properly supported while seated and maintain a correct posture, so it’s probably going to be beneficial for you to pay for a good gaming chair.

Alternatives to DXRacer Racing Series

All that being said, the DXRacer Racing Series isn’t the only great gaming chair out there. If it doesn’t seem worth the money to you, you might want to consider one of these alternatives instead:

DXRacer Tank Series

DXRacer OH/TS29/NR Tank Series Black and Red Gaming Chair - Includes 2 Free Cushions

The Racing Series is built for medium-sized users. It has a fairly low recommended weight of 225 lbs. If you’re big and tall, you’re probably better off going for one of DXRacer’s more heavy-duty chair lines, like the Tank Series.

The Tank Series has a much greater weight capacity of 425 lbs, making it one of the strongest gaming chairs available.

TOPSKY High Back Racing-Style Gaming Chair

TOPSKY High Back Racing Style PU Leather Executive Computer Gaming Office Chair Ergonomic Reclining Design with Lumbar Cushion Footrest and Headrest (New Black&Gray) ...

This is another chair I’d recommend if you want something a little cheaper than the DXRacer Racing Series.

It looks really cool with that bright blue upholstery and awesome detailing.

It’s also very comfortable with extra-plush cushioning and boasts some really great ergonomic features, including adjustable armrests, a headrest pillow, and a cushion for added lumbar support.

Cedric Ergonomic Mesh Office Chair

Cedric Office Chair,Breathable Mesh Computer Chair with Ergonomic Adjustable Lumbar Support, Black Swivel Desk Chair with Adjustable Armrest and Headrest, Mesh Seat, BIFMA-Certified

LIRIK’s gaming chair is awesome, but it might look a little ‘too much’ in some interiors. If you’re looking for a chair that offers the same superb levels of support, but looks a little more tasteful and understated, go for the Cedric Ergonomic Mesh Office Chair.

This chair wouldn’t look out of place in any interior as it has a stylish, minimalist, lightweight design.

It’s more of an office chair than a gaming chair, but it will still keep you comfortable while gaming.

It has a mesh back that aids circulation and keeps you cool, a waterfall seat edge to reduce pressure on your legs, tilt lock, and a maximum weight capacity of 350 lbs.

Not only that, but it’s very competitively priced too!

Ok, that about concludes this guide. Hopefully, you learned something new today! If you’re interested in learning more about gaming chairs, check out some other articles on this website.

Good luck gamers!

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