What Gaming Chair Does Pokimane Use? (2022 Update)

Pokimaine is an OG internet gamer, and she has a huge fan base on platforms like YouTube and Twitch. The Morrocan-Canadian internet sensation is an inspiration to many gamers, and her gaming setup is also something to be admired. 

If you’ve seen Poki’s content, you may be wondering what gaming chair does Pokimaine use? Well, we have the answer. Read on to find out everything about Pokimaines gaming chair.

So what gaming chair does Pokimane use? Pokimaine uses the Herman Miller Aeron chair. It’s a top-end office chair that also offers great functionality for gaming. 

Want to get your hands on Pokimaine’s chair? Keep reading to learn all about what it offers and where you can buy it. 

The Key Benefits of Pokimane’s Chair: The Herman Miller Aeron

Buy the Aeron Chair on Hermanmiller.com

The Herman Miller Aeron chair is one of the most popular chairs available for both office use and gaming. It’s extremely high-quality and durable making it perfect for those long hours of gaming. Heres are some of the key benefits of the Herman Miller Aeron that may shed some light on why it’s Poki’s gaming chair of choice.

Advanced Ergonomics 

One of the major selling points of the Aeron chair is the advanced ergonomics that make the chair more comfortable and suitable for long hours of gaming. The chair makes use of key ergonomic technology like PostureFit SL, and Harmonic 2 Tilt, which ensures your back is supported, and that you can comfortably move around in your seat and tilt without the need for any clunky mechanisms. If you’ve experienced back problems whilst gaming in the past, an Aeron chair with PostureFit SL is sure to help alleviate pain.

Breathable upholstery

A key concern for gamers is staying cool, and in some cases, chairs with leather upholstery can be uncomfortable and cause you to overheat. However, this isn’t a problem with the Herman Miller Aeron. Pokimaines chair is made from high-quality 8Z Pelicille fabric that allows heat and water vapor to seamlessly pass through the fabric and reduces heat build-up. This means you can game for hours and hours without even breaking a sweat.

Superior design and build

All Herman Miller chairs, including the Aeron, are designed and built with the help of highly skilled scientists, engineers, and archivists. 

Therefore the design quality of Herman Miller chairs really is unparalleled. All the materials used in Herman Miller Aeron chairs are sustainable, and chosen for their durability and functionality. If you’re looking for a chair that is both highly comfortable and built to last, then you can’t go wrong with the Herman Miller Aeron.

Tons of customization options 

Another great feature of Herman Miller Aeron chairs is that you can get them made to order and customize them to include the features that are best for your frame. You can choose between 3 different back heights, and select other features such as height-adjustable arm pads, leather arms pads, tilt limiters, and more. 

Four color options

On top of the wide range of customizations options, you can also choose between 4 unique colorways. All of the colors available are neutral and dark, so you can easily match them to any gaming setup. The color options are Graphite, Mineral, Carbon, and Onyx. Poki opted for the Mineral color, with an additional headrest in Onyx.

Alternatives to the Herman Miller Aeron

Not sure if Pokimaine’s gaming chair is for you? Here are some great alternatives. 

Herman Miller X Logitech Embody

The Herman MillerXLogitech Embody chair is the perfect option for the gamer that wants a classic gaming chair with the quality of a luxury Herman Miller product. 

This chair combines superior Herman Miller features such as PostureFit Spinal support and BackFit adjustment and classic gaming elements like a cooling foam seat pad and striking blue color to create the perfect luxury gaming chair. 

The Herman MillerXLogitech Embody is very similar to the Aeron chair when it comes to both price, features and design, and is the perfect alternative to Pokimaines chair. It also looks very similar too, so you can easily use it to create a Pokimaine inspired gaming space.

Secretlab Titan 

The Secretlab Titan is one of my all-time favorite gaming chairs and a great alternative to the Herman Miller Aeron. Like Pokimaine’s Aeron chair, the Secretlab Titan has a sleek and simplistic color scheme. It’s a great choice for anyone that would prefer a leather exterior over a breathable mesh style chair. Like Herman Miller chairs, the Secretlab Titan has a luxury feel, and the build quality is extremely high for a gaming chair. This stylish and cool option is considerably cheaper than a Herman Miller Aeron but offers similar levels of comfort, style, and functionality.

Sihoo Ergonomic Office Desk Chair 

The Sihoo office desk chair is the most similar to the Herman Miller Aeron in terms of style. It’s a classic office-style chair with breathable mesh fabric and a comfortable headrest. The main differences between the Sihoo chair and the Herman Miller Aeron are the build quality and the price. You can get your hands on the Sihoo office desk chair for just a few hundred dollars on Amazon. However, this chair hasn’t been designed by Herman Miller experts, so the features and durability of the two chairs aren’t exactly the same. However, it does look very similar to Pokimaines’s chair, so if you want to replicate her setup without spending too much cash, this could be a good option.

So What is Herman Miller All About?

Herman Miller is a major brand in the world of chairs and interior design, and they’ve also dabbled in the gaming industry too. The company, which was founded back in the 1920s has become well known as one of the top suppliers of high-quality office chairs, and the Aeron chair is one such offering from the company. 

Herman Miller is one of the industry’s most reputable brands, and when you buy a chair from them, you can be certain of one thing – quality. The build quality of Herman Miller chairs is unparalleled and they’ve been specifically designed with ergonomics and comfort in mind. However, with great quality comes a hefty price tag. Although Herman Miller creates some great products, their prices match their reputation. If you’re thinking of buying a Herman Miller chair be prepared to pay over $1000. 

Herman Miller isn’t specifically a gaming brand, however, the brand did a collab with major tech gadgets brand Logitech recently. Together they created the Herman Miller X Logitech Embody chair, and this is something worth considering if you’re interested in a Herman Miller chair but you want something that’s been specifically designed with gaming in mind.

Should You Buy the Herman Miller Aeron Chair?

There’s no doubt about it, Pokimaines chair is a great chair. However, it may not be the right gamer throne for everyone. 

The main consideration you need to make when choosing a gaming chair is price. The Herman Miller Aeron chair is at the top end of the spectrum when it comes to price, and this is enough to put anybody off. 

If money isn’t an issue, and you prioritize comfort over all else, then yes, you should buy a Herman Miller Aeron. 

These chairs have been specifically designed for high-end offices, which means you won’t feel any discomfort sitting in the chair for 9+ hours at a time. 

If you’re an avid gamer, you may do stints even longer than this, and the Herman Miller Aeron will keep you cool and comfortable throughout. 

However, the Herman Miller Aeron isn’t specifically a gaming chair. Gaming chairs are usually designed to have a specific look that would match typical gaming setups. 

They’re often leather and include RGB colors that would match your other gaming accessories. If this is the kind of thing your after, then a Herman Miller chair is not the chair for you. 

You would be better suited to a chair built specifically for gaming, from a brand like the Secretlab, Noblechairs, or Vertagear.

Related Questions

Is Pokimane’s gaming chair really the best one to buy? 

It all depends on what you’re looking for in a gaming chair. If you want a chair that is high-end with great build quality and ergonomics, and you don’t care about the price, Pokimaines chair is a great choice. 

However, if you’d prefer a gaming chair that is more style-oriented and fits the gamer aesthetic, then you might be better off choosing another option like the Secretlab Titan or Noblechairs Hero

What kind of mouse and keyboard does Pokimane use? 

Poki uses a keyboard and mouse from the brand Hyperx. You can buy Pokimaines mouse, the  Hyperx Pulsefire FPS, on Amazon for around $40 You can also buy Pokimaines keyboard, the Hyperx Alloy Elite, on Amazon here. 

Where can I buy the Herman Miller Aeron Chair? 

You can buy the Aeron chair in stick or made to order directly from the Herman Miller website. Delivery takes around 10 working days Alternatively, you can choose a chair with similar specs, like this one on Amazon, and get it sooner with Prime delivery options.

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