Best Gaming Chair Without Wings: The 5 Best Selling Flat Back Chairs

If you are on a mission to find the perfect gaming chair for your specific needs, you probably want something that isn’t offered in just every make and model.

Today, I am dedicating a post to all of you who want to escape from the curvy, shapey gaming chairs that have wings. In other words, I am helping all of the comfort seekers out there to get the best flat-back gaming chair for their needs.

For all of you who don’t know the difference between a gaming chair without wings and one that has them, it is basically a matter of taste. The wings here are a feature that most of the gaming chairs have which actually puts your back in a specific position that some find comfortable and others don’t.

Who Actually Needs (Flat Back) Gaming Chairs Without Wings?

You probably think that flat back gaming chairs without wings are a thing of choice…

And while it may be, there are still groups of people who appreciate them more than others. For example, tall people have larger backs and therefore find all of the edgy and curvy gaming chairs uncomfortable for their needs. Aside from tall guys, bulkier people have wider backs and with that struggle to sit in a comfortable position – especially on chairs that are full of curves and shapes.

As you can see, flat back gaming chairs are appreciated by many. It’s not just a thing of style.

Now that you know the concept of a gaming chair without wings looks like, it’s time to show you the best models on the market.


1.DXRacer Formula Series DOH/FHO8/NB Gaming Chair

DXRacer Formula Series DOH/FD01/NR Office Chair Gaming Chair Ergonomic Computer Chair Esports Desk Chair Executive Chair Furniture with Free Cushions (Black/Red)

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As one of the favorite gaming chair brands for many, DXRacer is proud to have a flat-back model which takes the wings out of the design. We are talking about the Formula Series, which is essentially a gaming chair that offers a few unique features that you won’t come across very often.

The most important one of them is obviously the extended length of the backrest which results in a flat back scenario so even tall users can get the best back support, from their top down to their bottom.

With this model, DXRacer proved that it understands that no two people are alike – and that there are a lot of different needs on the market. Thanks to the adjustability that the brand offers in the armrests, the wide and tall base in the backrest and the proper seat height, the DXRacer Formula Series gaming chair is definitely one of the best gaming chairs without wings.

2.Noblechairs ICON Gaming Chair

noblechairs ICON Gaming Chair - Office Chair - Desk Chair - PU Faux Leather - Ergonomic - Cold Foam Upholstery - 330 lbs - Racing Seat Design - Black

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In times when there are just too many traditional gaming chairs for standard-sized people, the brand Noblechairs has decided to give something unique to the audience. The ICON is a gaming chair that came as a result of the need for a wider base, a more extensive backrest area and specific needs in terms of features.

Starting from the armrests which move in, out, up, down and can be angled however you want – to the casters which are designed to work on hard and soft flooring – the ICON gives you a lot of advantages over other chairs.

The wider and higher backrest area is just the cherry on the cake – proving that this chair was created with comfort in mind. Thanks to the textures and neck and lumbar cushions, you will enjoy sitting on a large chair and your back won’t slide once properly positioned. The maximum load of the ICON is 330 lbs which is beyond decent even for heavy users.

If you ask me, what truly sets this chair apart from the others in this no-wings category is the amazing design. Elegant and functional, the Noblechairs ICON screams with aesthetics. It also comes in fabric and PU leather in one option and genuine leather in the premium option.

3.AKRacing K-7 Series Gaming Chair With High Backrest

AKRacing K-7 Series Premium Gaming Chair with High Backrest, Recliner, Swivel, Tilt, Rocker and Seat Height Adjustment Mechanisms with 5/10 warranty (Black)

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If you want the very best from ergonomic design, combined with superior cushioning and support for long hours of use, the AKRacing K-7 Series is one of the best gaming chairs without wings that you will find on the market.

This model includes a steel frame and one-piece steel pipe structure that is study and stylish. There is a colorful upholstery as well which is designed from high grade fabric, ensuring long life and comfort.

Even though this is a racing style seat, there is extended back support area which is in focus of our review. The shape helps you support your spine and keeps your comfortable even after long periods of use. The fabric is also breathable and takes the pain out of dealing with leather, which many gamers don’t like.

Filled with high-density and cold-molded foam, the chair is resistant to compression and makes sure that the chair will remain as comfortable as possible over time – just like the day you bought it.

4.Autonomous ErgoChair 2

Designed by the brand Autonomous, the ErgoChair 2 is definitely one of the popular flat back chairs out there and a gaming chair of the future – especially for bulkier and taller guys. Since it packs the comfort you need to play your games all night long, it combines a breathable mesh fabric that keeps you cool and makes it easy for the moisture to evaporate.

You should not let the minimalistic design fool you. The ErgoChair 2 is great because it moves with you and has swivel capabilities. On top of this, you can rock in this chair and move the way you want without any limits.

For longer gaming sessions, you can simply pull a lever on the back of the chair to get superior support and pain relief from the lumbar support position. The chair looks sleek and durable to double as an office chair, which gives it great advantages over the competition.

5. Essentials Racing Style Leather Gaming Chair

Essentials Racing Style Leather Gaming Chair - Ergonomic Swivel Computer, Office or Gaming Chair, Gray (ESS-3085-GRY)

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This is another ‘wingless’ gaming chair that lets bigger guys sit on it and contours to the body in all of the right spots, providing an incredibly enjoyable gaming experience. One of the revolutionary features that it brings to the market is the segmented padding feature.

In other words, each of the different area of the chair is ergonomically designed and padded in order to relieve pain and pressure, which means that you will get support for your head, shoulders, back, lumbar region and even the arms.

The chair also has a fun design and is offered in a few different colors, which makes it personalized to different tastes. You can also customize the chair and flip the armrests up when you don’t need them. Most importantly, the chair is built to last and has to put through rigorous testing, guaranteed to glide for over 40 miles.

6. Herman Miller Embody Chair

Herman Miller Embody Chair: Fully Adj Arms - Graphite Frame/Base - Standard Carpet Casters

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Perhaps you don’t know this brand, but Herman Miller is known in the flat back category because of its unique design that is ergonomic and durable. The brand is also known for some pretty high price tags – and the one on this chair is a good example for that. If you are looking for the best ergonomic chairs on the market, I’ve created a list of the 20 best ones.

The good thing is that the backrest of the chair can also be aligned to the curvature of your own spine. So, taller and bulkier guys can also be aligned to the curvature of your own spine, which is why you don’t have to compromise and you can only get support in a few areas.

Even though the chair is originally meant to be used in offices, it caters to the needs of gamers in a great way and can be used for several hours at a time, without compromising on the quality.

7.AmazonBasics High-Back Executive Chair

AmazonBasics High-Back Executive Swivel Chair - Black with Pewter Finish

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Last but not the least in our list of no wing chairs is the AmazonBasics high-back executive chair which does a great job at being one – and the perfect alternative to a budget gaming chair because of its lower price tag.

The chair is also about function rather than style and can easily be mistaken for an office chair. However, the backrest area is wider and lacks the wings, hence adding up to the flat-back feature mode and offering the most comfortable experience for bulky or tall gamers during their extra-long gaming sessions.

Final Words: Why Buy A Gaming Chair Without Wings?

Now that you have seen the features of gaming chairs without wings, you probably know the benefits.

If you don’t, they mostly add up to full back support without any obstructions and an ergonomic design that is specifically manufactured for people who spend a lot of hours sitting. From neck pain to back pain, it takes the pain out and does not cause spine damage and joint stiffness, especially for bulky and tall gamers.

Now that you know the best gaming chairs without wings and with full back support, it’s time for shopping!

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