What Is The Best GT Omega Racing Chair?

In this post, I am talking about the best GT Omega Racing chair. According to my detailed review and full feature comparison, the title for the best gaming chair by GT Omega goes to the GT Omega PRO Racing Office Chair. Below, you can see why that is the case.

GT Omega Racing is a brand that has gone a long way to its final development. Currently, it has a lineup of chairs that meets the needs of gamers, students, enthusiasts and even office guys!

I had a chance to sit in both a Pro Office Chair and a Sport Office Chair – two of the lineups that GT Omega Racing offers. And while the differences are not as vivid as you would expect, I found the comfort of the chairs to be exceptional – not to mention their features.

This has inspired me to dig a little deeper and see if all of the GT Omega Racing chairs are of this quality – designed to exceed my expectations.

What I found was incredible. Not only there are some great gaming chair models by GT Omega – there are gaming chairs that are designed to meet specific needs and provide comfort and convenience at a great price.

On the flip side, what really bugs me is that this brand keeps promoting its gaming chair lineup under the name “Office Chairs” – even on their website! I know that this is an easy way to structure their product line, but come on…There has to be a better word that would suit to our fellow gamers’ character and needs. Nonetheless, I am reviewing the entire GT Omega Racing lineup in the sections below.

The Best GT Omega Racing Chairs: Reviewed

Here, you can find all of the GT Omega Racing (office) chairs reviewed. I have to tell you, I spent some time with all of them and for me, it was very hard to categorize them or even pick a standalone winner.

GT Omega ELITE Racing Office Chair – 8/10


  • An entry-level model with great feature set
  • Headrest pillow and lumbar cushion
  • Adjustable 4D armrests and a height-adjustable gas spring cylinder
  • It reclines up to 190 degrees ensuring proper stretches


  • Design is a bit overrated
  • Price could be better for an entry model chair

The GT Omega ELITE racing gaming chair is the entry level model which offers the standard features including a 85-190 degrees angle adjuster, a headrest pillow and lumbar cushion, orthopedic/ergonomic design as well as height-adjustable armrests and a gas spring cylinder.

Thanks to the 4D armrests, you can get even more customization and ensure that you get the perfect seating position – as well as sleeping position!

Yes, that is right. The GT Omega ELITE gaming chair offers reclining up to 190 degrees which makes it perfect for stretching out. Because of this amazing option, the universality as well as the cool entry-level features, I am giving it 8 stars out of ten.

GT Omega PRO Racing Office Chair – Fabric/Leather – 7/10


  • A huge range of colors to choose from
  • Feels well built
  • Perfect for both gaming and office (universal)
  • Good value for money
  • Lumbar support


  • Bottom cushion is a bit weird, could be improved

The GT Omega PRO Racing gaming chair comes in a variety of colors, which is great. You can choose between red, blue, green as well as the standard black and white color options.

What I truly love about this model is the comfort that it provides, especially in the lumbar area. For its price point, it is a great chair that is really supportive and therefore prevents any back and/or neck issues.

The disadvantages start with the side boulders which limit this chair to slimmer and more normal-weighted gamers. If you are a heavyweight gamer, they will definitely touch your body in a way that may be unpleasant, especially during hours of gaming.

The ideal height and size for you to fit this chair is between 175 cm and 185 cm (height) and 70 to 85 kilograms in weight.

GT Omega SPORT Racing Office Chair – 8.5/10


  • State of art features
  • Great value
  • Racing design which is stunning
  • Reclining features
  • Amazing arm rests which are perfect on this chair


  • Limited capacity
  • High price
  • Not as wide as you would expect
  • Height adjustment range is a little narrow

This model is a premium chair lineup that comes at a premium price. As one of your most proud investments, it is a chair that offers premium back support and added comfort. It can let you alleviate your back pain and offer aggressive side support.

From all the chairs I tried, this one had hands-down the best 4D armrests. Now, I know that these are standard armrests that GT Omega uses on the high-end chairs – but somehow, they feel a lot more comfortable on this specific model.

One of the downsides of this GT Omega racing chair is the fact that it is limited when it comes to the user’s height. Also, it is quite designed for slimmer dudes which is why some gamers shortlist it from the start.

On top of this, the GT Omega SPORT Racing chair is slightly overpriced. Even though it is supposed to be the bestseller and the most popular model in the product line considering its feature set and options, it is still a bit overpriced for most gamers.

Ideally, the best way to fit this chair is if you are around 80 kilograms and up to 190 cm in height (6’2”).

GT Omega EVO XL Racing Office Chair – 7/10


  • Very sturdy materials
  • Metal instead of plastic
  • New ways of adjusting the armrests


  • Very high – even on its lowest setting
  • Again, its wings may touch bulkier gamers

First of all is the fact that with the GT Omega EVO XL Racing chair is the fact that they have made the armrests adjust inwards or outwards – and be moved forwards or backwards. This is especially handy for bulkier gamers. Aside from the fact that this lineup (XL) of chairs is specifically designed for them, the chair is really flexible and adaptable.

It uses very sturdy materials, a heavy base and perfectly balanced features which let you lie flat. The headrest is attached with a simple buckle and you can either unbuckle or slip it off the back of the chair.

Similarly, the lumbar support is great. However, the buckle is placed behind the back of the cushioning which requires you to fiddle a little bit and get your hands around the cushion. Speaking of positioning, this chair is just too high for many gamers (even at its lowest setting) which is the only reason I can’t give it more than 7 stars.

If you ask me, height is always important and should be a key feature in every model.

GT Omega PRO XL Racing Office Chair – 8.5/10


  • Solid build quality
  • Great set of features
  • Available in four great options
  • Perfect for larger gamers, users and enthusiasts
  • Excellent stitching quality
  • Attractive price


  • The lumbar support is too firm
  • A new material can be added in this line

The GT Omega PRO XL is a chair that is really impressive. As an XL chair, it has many great features which start from the tilt locking mechanism, the 85-190 degrees reclining adjustment feature (which you know by know as a premium feature on nearly all GT Omega chairs), 4D adjustable armrests and orthopedic design.

What makes this chair great is the 150 kg load capacity and the caster wheels which are incredibly easy to move – making this a great chair for bulkier gamers. The design is very nice and the feature set is fantastic. In a way, this model reminds me of an actual Porsche seat put on a five wheelbase.

Correct me if I am wrong!

GT Omega MASTER XL Racing Office Chair – 9/10


  • High-quality materials
  • Easy to move casters
  • Tilt and swivel features 90-180 degrees
  • Silver polished aluminum star base
  • Great lineup of colors
  • The favorite for larger and bulkier gamers


  • Design could improve, although this is not that important

This gaming chair comes in some great combinations. You can choose from all black, black and white, black and red as well as black and blue designs. As such, the MASTER XL by GT Omega is a gaming chair that has an ergonomic support system and a great lineup of colors that can work with your space.

There is the adjustable armrest and height as well, specifically designed for taller and wider individuals. Overall, this GT Omega Racing gaming chair was designed for larger people and rivals the PRO XL and EVO XL product lines.

However, if you ask me, I believe that this is the better model compared to these because of the amazing load capacity (up to 150kg), the tilt locking function, the high-quality materials and the headrest/lumbar cushions that can be removed.

All in all, this is a favorite for all the bulkier gamers which is why I am giving it a 9 stars out of 10 in this Omega GT Racing chair review.

GT Omega SPECIAL EDITION Office Chairs – 5/10


  • Great designs if you are fan of Ginx, Epsilon and Sidemen
  • Leather material as a bonus
  • Black aluminum star base which looks premium
  • Price is good for a special edition chair lineup


  • Not many additional features besides partner logos
  • Not worth the ‘special edition’ tag
  • Limited load capacity (120kg)

Don’t get me wrong here – but I expect more from GT Omega Racing when it comes to its Special Edition lineup.

Many other gaming chair brands have managed to exceed my expectations with their amazing design, premium materials and everything else that lives up to the “limited” hype. However, in this case, I see nothing but the same design with a couple more logos and not many extra features.

I hate saying this, but the logo placement and overall design is not to my likes at all.

In fact, these special edition chairs by GT Omega offer the same features. There are only a couple of differences such as the black armrest, the black aluminum star base and things like that – which we all know as “not enough” for the needs of today’s gamers.

Because of that and in order to motivate GT Omega Racing to do better with these “special” chairs, I am giving this lineup a 5/10.

But hey, maybe this is just me, right?

Final Verdict

In the end, it is safe to label GT Omega Racing as a great brand with a full lineup of gaming chairs. It has many models suiting different needs and body types.

A GT Omega Racing can be the perfect gaming chair for extra large gamers – and a great chair for normal gamers too. That is what I like most about this brand (aside from the fact that besides chairs, they also produce cockpits, accessories, mouse pads and many other things.

So, which GT Omega Racing chair is the best?

If you are a normal-sized guy or gal, I recommend you to either buy the GT Omega SPORT Racing chair or the GT Omega ELITE Racing chair which is the entry-level model. In both scenarios, you will get an good value for your money and a great set of features.

If you are a bulkier gamer (over 185 cm in height and over 100 kg in weight), I advise you to look at the GT Omega MASTER XL Racing chair which offers the best set of features in the XL lineup. As such, it will definitely live up to your (big) expectations.

In the end, as always…

I hope that this review helped you choose the best GT Omega Racing chair for your needs! More importantly, I hope I did not trigger you with my subjective approach – I am always trying to review everything in detail – and from my perspective.

If you are not sure about what gaming chair you should buy, I’ve made a list of the 26 best gaming chairs on the market. I am sure you will be able to find the best gaming chair for you.

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