Level Up Your Gaming Experience with Lumbar Support: Here’s Why You Need It!

Have you got back ache? Do you look like a tech-neck shrimp? Take action before it’s too late; get a gaming chair that suits your lifestyle and fits your budget.

Gamer – Original artwork by Victoria Walsh

If you do any desk work, in particular gaming, you could end up with a backache or worse unless you support your lumbar spine, and what’s more, if you don’t take direct action, you could end up with a shrimp spin and tech neck, which if nothing else is very unattractive.

So, picture the scenario: you’re all set up with an unbeatable gaming rig, pumped-up peripherals, stonking cans, and neon LEDs. You’re live on Rainy Neon Baku, and your back hurts, your knees ache, and your head is killing. You are likely sitting on a fold-up freshman’s chair stolen from high school. You’re too old for school, and that simply won’t do; here’s why…

You can Prevent Poor Posture With Lumbar Support

Overexposure to poor posture comes from many different directions to smack you in the neck. Slouching while watching TV, looking down at your smartphone, and gaming for hours with no break.

Then school, college, and uni or work don’t help, as hours at a computer will take their toll on your spine. These activities can make you stoop and bring your shoulders forward, overreaching your muscles and weakening your back, making you look like a shrimp, and because your muscles are too weak to pull them back, you end up with a tech neck and a dowager’s hump.

Curled like a shrimp, with an unhealthy pink hue through lack of fresh air, is how you will look unless you do something about it. We can’t help with your pasty pink shade, but we can sort out your posture with an ergonomic gaming chair.

We don’t want to scare you, but in addition to shrimp spine and tech neck, you could develop brittle bones and osteoporosis, and no, this isn’t just an older person’s disease. If you have brittle bones through lack of exercise, you may experience compression fractures when the bones in the back, particularly your lumbar region, aren’t strong enough to support you.

Do You Need a Gaming Chair?

The answer is yes, and here’s why: A well-built gaming chair will support your entire back, shoulders, head, neck, arms, and hips. A well-made, well-proportioned gaming chair maintains the correct posture. Strain is removed when your head is correctly positioned on your neck, allowing a properly aligned spine to reduce lumbar pain.

That’s not all; the longer you sit correctly, the better your posture becomes. Correct posture has many benefits, more than just relief from lumbar pain, and includes:

  • Reduced Joint Stress 
  • Increased Energy Levels 
  • Improved Digestion 
  • Reduces The Chance of Migraines Probability

Uncomfortable sitting positions cause joint stress and tension on the lower body and hips, thereby stressing the joints. Poor posture strains the back of the neck and can be one factor that brings on a migraine or severe headache, and what’s more, this happens so much faster if you’re a larger-than-life person.

Doctors will tell you that slouching will damage your back and compress your body organs, affecting their functionality. A properly aligned body reduces the workload of the muscles and organs, providing the energy you need to enjoy your pursuits – oh, and less intestinal gas, so that’s a win right there.

Shrimp Back – Original artwork by Victoria Walsh

Which Gaming Chair is The Right One For You?

First, you need to know what chair is required and which chair is right for you – there are three principal gaming chairs: PCs, platforms, and hybrid gaming chairs. 

PC Gaming Chairs 

PC chairs are designed for desk work and gaming. The chair resembles the swivel office chair, and it is suitable for gamers who work at their desk all day and play PC games frequently. PC gaming chairs have been designed with technologies similar to racing car seats to improve the sitter’s performance on and off-screen.

The PC chair offers extended comfort and endurance while the gamers sit on it. The PC gaming seat has castors, height, and recline adjustment features like the office swivel chair. Still, it has superior features, including cushioned armrests, a superior headrest, and lumbar support.

Platform or Pedestal Gaming Chairs 

The pedestal gaming chair combines the properties of a PC chair and an easyboy recliner. The chair is slightly raised and rests on a pedestal base instead of legs that allow it to rock and rotate but doesn’t swivel like a PC chair.

The pedestal gaming chair, like the recliner, can be tilted and lounged per the gamer’s preferred sitting posture. It features super comfortable cushioning on its lumber backrest, armrests, and headrest. Depending on the gamer’s gaming preferences, platform or pedestal gaming chairs have additional features such as racing accessories, cup holders, inbuilt speakers, and gaming accessory stands.

Hybrid Gaming Chair

Most hybrid gaming chairs are customized for just a few gamers who can afford them. Hybrid gaming chairs are best described as a genius fusion of two or more different types of gaming chairs. For instance, you can merge the features of a pedestal gaming chair with those of a racer chair with the comfort of a rocker chair.

Rocker Chair, yes! A rocker chair is what it sounds like; it’s a chair that rocks.  

Rocker Chairs and V-Rockers

Console gaming is best done sitting closer to the floor, where the rocker chairs come into their own. Rocker chairs have no legs or swivel; they are positioned on the floor to be rocked. Given their L-shape, well-cushioned headrests, and backrests, the rocker chairs are designed to offer more comfort than sitting posture. 

Most rocker chairs are simple, with only basic features, but the V rocker offers much more advanced structures. Its design is similar to the rocker’s but has more features for intense video gaming. Most V-rocker gaming seats come with a control panel, in-speakers, and additional customizable options, including compatibility with home theater.

Bean Bags as Gaming Chairs

All we want to say is NO! If you want to increase your chances of irreversible damage, game in one of these ’70s favorites. Why not make it brown, green, or purple while you’re at it? Add a lava lamp, and you can have eye strain too. 

A bean bag is unsuitable for your lumbar spine and shouldn’t be used at any time. It might be cool in some circles, but it’s a resounding NO from us.

Our Favorite Top Six Lucky Gaming Chairs 

 Best for Office 22/23 

The NeueChair by SecretLab offers a sleek and sturdy industrial design suitable for office environments.

Its professional look is devoid of logos or loud colors, making it a discreet yet high-performing addition to any workspace.

It stands out with its ergonomic design, providing firm support ideal for long working hours.

The SecretLab NeueChair stands out as an ergonomically superior and robust office chair, explicitly crafted to boost comfort and productivity in professional environments. This model diverges from the brand’s gaming-oriented designs, presenting a refined and understated industrial look, free of flashy logos and embellishments. It is instrumental in maintaining healthy postures and delivers exceptional lumbar support, becoming an essential asset for those involved in prolonged sitting.

League of Legends - 2022 Series G2 Gaming Chair - Secretlab Titan Evo 2022 in Regular, Leather

 Best Overall 22/23 

The Secretlab Titan Evo 2022 is the latest gaming chair in the renowned Titan Evo series, known for its impeccable build quality, comfort, and ergonomic design.

This chair is available in three sizes to accommodate a range of user heights and weights.

It features a durable metal frame, 4D adjustable armrests, reclining capability, and offers the utmost comfort with its memory foam headrest and adjustable lumbar support.

Renowned for its impeccable construction and premium comfort features, the Secretlab Titan EVO 2022 epitomizes luxury in gaming chairs. It is embedded with sumptuous padding, an adaptive memory foam headrest, and customizable lumbar support. The chair’s resilient metal frame and base affirm its durability and robustness, culminating in a superior gaming experience and earning it the title of our Best Overall winner.

 Best for Back Support 

The Autonomous ErgoChair 2 is a high-end, ergonomic office chair that boasts an array of adjustable features, providing unmatched comfort and support, tailored to the user’s needs. Priced at $399, it delivers on its promise as one of the most ergonomic office chairs in its price range.

The Autonomous ErgoChair 2 is a top-tier ergonomic office chair, offering a myriad of customizable features to achieve unparalleled comfort and support specific to individual needs. With its $399 price tag, it stands as one of the most ergonomic solutions within its category, ensuring users experience optimal back support.

 Best with Advanced Features 

The AndaSeat Kaiser 3 Series Premium Gaming Chair is a robust and stylish gaming chair, acclaimed for its advanced features, including adjustable lumbar support, 4D armrests, a 5-wheel aluminum base, and premium PVC leather.

It boasts an easy and intuitive assembly and offers maximum comfort and support, making it suitable for prolonged use.

The AndaSeat Kaiser 3 Series Premium Gaming Chair blends robustness with elegance, being recognized for its progressive features like adjustable lumbar support, versatile 4D armrests, a sturdy 5-wheel aluminum base, and high-grade PVC leather. With its user-friendly assembly and supreme comfort, it is optimized for extended utilization.

 Best for Larger Individuals 

The DXRacer Master Series is a premium, high-end gaming chair ideal for larger individuals. It sports a robust and ergonomic design with adjustable features and a luxurious microfiber leather finish.

Tailored for extensive gaming sessions, it offers a plethora of customization options, including 4D armrests, adjustable lumbar support, and a reclinable backrest, accommodating a maximum weight of 275 lbs.

Designed with larger individuals in mind, the DXRacer Master Series is a luxurious gaming chair, characterized by its sturdy and ergonomic design, enhanced with a range of adjustable features and a refined microfiber leather finish. It provides extensive customization options including adaptable 4D armrests, lumbar support, and a reclining backrest, supporting up to 275 lbs, ideal for long gaming marathons.

Office Chair - Chair

 Best for Big Guys 

The Noblechairs Hero is a premium gaming chair, renowned for its top-quality build and materials, combining both real and PU leather. It is notably popular for its advanced features such as integrated adjustable lumbar support and enlarged seating area, aimed to provide exceptional comfort and customization.

The chair stands out for its minimalist design available in multiple color combinations and flaunts an exquisite aesthetic suitable for both gaming setups and office environments.

Noblechairs HERO is a distinguished gaming chair, appreciated for its superior construction and material quality, blending both genuine and PU leather. It is distinctly advanced, featuring integrated adjustable lumbar support and an expansive seating area for outstanding comfort and personalization. The chair’s minimalist design, available in various color schemes, offers a versatile aesthetic appeal, making it a fit for gaming zones and professional settings alike.

So now you know why you need an excellent gaming chair, what sort of chair you need to make your life easier, and, more importantly, the specific chair you should buy; after that, my friend, nothing can stop you. 

The right chair won’t help you find a partner but will prevent you from looking like a long-necked, google-eyed Bloater. One more thing: you can have pure oxygen pumped into your chair to help your pallor if you haven’t been outside in a while – no, you can’t; that’s a lie; well, we can’t have everything, can we?

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Founder of Topgamingchair.com and PC Gaming enthusiast, I review gaming chairs (and office chairs) since 2018. I have worked with some of the biggest brands in the industry: Secretlab, Noblechairs, Vertagear, DXRacer, AndaSeat to test new products and provide feedback.

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