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If you have never watched an episode of Game Of Thrones, you are probably among the small group of people who are not thrilled by this series. However, if you are a die-hard GoT fan, we have big news for you.

According to a recent announcement on Twitter, Game Of Thrones gaming chairs are a real thing now – and they are designed and manufactured by no one else but the top gaming chair brand SecretLab. Timed to celebrate the eight and final season of the legendary TV show, SecretLab designed a line of three gaming chairs that complement with the three main houses competing for the Iron Throne – the Starks, the Lannisters and the Targaryens.

“On top of having an epic storyline, Game of Thrones’ aesthetics and art direction are both unprecedented and phenomenal. Our designers, being huge fans of its aesthetics, came up with a few GoT concepts that looked so amazing that we had to reach out for a collaboration involving our award-winning chairs. GoT fans can now watch the much-awaited Season 8, repping their favourite houses, while reclined on our ultra-comfortable chairs.”” the CEO of SecretLab Ian Alexander Ang said about the new line of chairs.

This gives a lot of choice to new and potential Game Of Thrones fans. The GoT gaming chairs can be purchased in either the Titan or the Omega varieties – just like the Batman-themed Dark Night series which we covered recently on our blog.

As the official SecretLab Game Of Thrones gaming chair website describes the models:

“Each will be equipped with the models’ award-winning features, such as the multi-tilt mechanism, four-directional armrests, Secretlab’s signature cold-cured foam as well as the Secretlab TITAN’s model-exclusive inbuilt, fully-adjustable lumbar support and the Secretlab OMGEA’s highly-acclaimed memory foam lumbar pillow.”

Despite the fact that not every major GoT house is represented with the three models, you can easily choose between the Stark GoT gaming chair, the Lannister themed model or the Targaryen GoT Secretlab chair. Each of these SecretLab gaming chairs are featuring the house’s original sigil and colors, designed for all fans.

For Stark fans, the chair is designed in white and black variation and the wolf sigil is centered up front. Targaryen GoT fans will get a three-headed dragon design in a red or black background, while the Lannister GoT fans can choose a red chair with golden lion sigil as well as gold accents.

The SecretLab Game Of Thrones gaming chairs are already selling, starting from $389 and available for pre-order directly from the website.

So, when you aren’t watching a Game Of Thrones episode, you can still enjoy thinking about your favorite show and playing your favorite games while seated in a premium SecretLab gaming chair that is themed to your likes.

‘Winter is coming’ – right?


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