SecretLab Launches A Batman-Themed “Dark Knight” Edition Gaming Chair

We all know that the kids room can always get an upgrade, especially if it’s something with your loved ones’ favorite movie characters and superheroes. But then again, a lot of us can also imagine themselves having superhero memorabilia items, especially if they are as good as a reputable brand in the likes of SecretLab.

After months of work, the premium gaming chair brand SecretLab has decided to transform all of these dreams into reality – unveiling the brand new Batman-themed “Dark Knight” gaming chair. In a partnership with DC and Warner Bros., the company has finally brought a superhero chair on the growing market.

SecretLab Batman Gaming Chair: What’s It Like?


From the first impression, we can see that SecretLab really went an extra mile in designing the Batman gaming chair. Of course, our expectations were met as soon as we saw the Batman-themed stylings and the amazing silhouette which mimics the design of the other SecretLab gaming chairs.

What’s also great is the iconic yellow stitching which illustrates the Batman logo in a great way, as well as the matte and semi-glossy blacks which make this gaming chair the brainchild of SecretLab in its new superhero lineup.

On a side note, Batman fans would see this chair as a great accessory in the home – while gaming chair lovers will see it as their own “Batmobile” because of the comfort, the leather stitching and the carbon fiber details all around it.

And the best part…

The SecretLab Batman gaming chair features the bat symbol which looks pretty similar to the latest (New52) Batman version and is featured both on the front and back side of the chair. While the front features the logo in its original form, the back mimics it in a stylish way too.

The SecretLab Batman Chair Is Available In The Omega And Titan Gaming Chair Lineup


If you are wondering where you can shop the SecretLab Batman gaming chair and get your favorite “Dark Knight” item, the product can be found in the company’s Omega and Titan models which look very similar (minus the Batman logo, of course).

For a detailed view and a chance to shop it, visit this link.

According to the specifications as found on the link above, the chair comes in two versions:

  • the SecretLab OMEGA Series Batman gaming chair is a product which is recommended for gamers from 5’3″ to 5’9″ in height, can withstand up to 240 lbs of capacity and is designed with premium NAPA leather and PU SoftWeave fabric.
  • the SecretLab TITAN Series Batman gaming chair which is a chair that is perfect for gamers with a 5’7″ – 6’4″ height, can withstand up to 290 lbs of capacity and uses PRIME PU leather, SoftWeave fabrics and NAPA leather.

The OMEGA Series chair starts from $329, while the TITAN Series of this chair sells from $399.

So, Is The SecretLab Batman Gaming Chair Worth The Money?

If you are a die-hard fan of the “Dark Knight” – the SecretLab Batman gaming chair is definitely for you.

And if you just want a superhero throne in your room, it is again something you should definitely consider. When looking at the SecretLab Batman gaming chair price, all we can say is that it is definitely worth considering what you get.

On the other hand, SecretLab is a popular name in the gaming chair market. So, what you can expect is a lot of quality, a lot of fine details and a lot of wear and tear – coming from a chair that is designed for true gaming superheroes.

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