Gaming Chair Dimensions Guide: Comparison of The Most Popular Model

Getting the dimensions of your gaming chair right is critical to ensuring a comfortable, ergonomic seating experience. That’s why I’ve put together this gaming chair dimensions comparison guide, so that you can quickly find a chair that fits you.

Here are the measurements of the most popular gaming chair:

Brand Model Back Length (inches) Back Width Seat Depth Seat Width (including “sides”) Overall Size (Total) Min supported Height Max supported height
Titan 34 23 21 22 100 5’7″ 6’4″
Omega 32 21 20 22 95 5’3″ 5’9″
Throne 33 23,5 18 20 94,5 4’9″ 5’3″
Formula Series 32,25 22,25 17,75 19,5 91,75 4’9″ 6’0″
Racing Series 33,75 21,5 18 18,54 91,79 5’3″ 6’2″
King Series 33,25 24 19 20,25 96,5 5’6″ 6’6″
Sentinel Series 35,5 24 19 21,5 100
Tank Series 37,5 26 20,5 23,25 107,25 5’6″ 6’6″
Core EX Series 32,6 21,2 19,7 20,9 94,4
Core EX-Wide 33,5 22,8 19,7 22,8 98,8
Core LX Series 34,5 22,4 20 21,5 98,4
Core SX Series 33 21,6 19,3 22 95,9
Max Series 34,2 24,4 20,3 23 101,9
Premium Series 33,8 21,6 23,2 21,2 99,8
Pro Series 33,8 23,6 21,6 23,6 102,6
Epic 34,25 21,46 19,49 22,05 97,24
Hero 35,04 22,44 19,69 20,47 97,64
Icon 33,86 15,35 19,29 20,47 88,98
SL2000 33,9 21,3 17,75 21,5 94,45
SL4000 30,7 20,7 17,5 20,5 89,4
SL5000 32,3 19,3 19 22,6 93,2
PL4500 35,8 20,8 17,5 21 95,1
PL6000 31,9 20 19 21,7 92,6
Casual Sport 33,1 22,4 17,7 19,6 92,8 5’1″ 5’9″
Pro-Gaming & Office 32,3 21,7 19,3 21,7 95 5’5″ 6’0″
Office Comfort 33,5 22 20,9 20,1 96,5 6’1″ 6’6″
XL-Series 35 24 19,7 22,8 101,5 5’9″ 6’6″

I’ve crunched the numbers and compared dimensions of all the gaming chairs on the market from the biggest brands so that you don’t have to. In this gaming chair dimensions comparison, I’ll be comparing how these chairs stack up in terms of the size of their seats, backrests, and overall space.

I’ll also be providing you with a sizing guide at the end of this article so that you know how big your gaming chair needs to be. Before we get into all that, though, let’s talk about why any of this matters in the first place.


Why Gaming Chair Dimensions Are Important

Size matters – at least when it comes to gaming chairs. Why? Well, it’s all about body ergonomics, or in other words, how efficiently and easily you can move around while seated.

Choosing a chair with solid ergonomics:

  • Puts you at less risk of developing injuries while sitting down for long periods (yes, it happens)
  • Keeps you comfortable
  • And potentially even improves your gaming performance.

And ergonomics is all about the fit. To get ergonomics right, you need to choose a chair that’s specifically designed to accommodate your specific body shape, posture, and movements. If it doesn’t fit, your movements will be more laboured and you’ll feel less comfortable.

That’s why most gaming chair brands release different models for different user sizes. Larger gaming chairs are known as ‘big and tall’ gaming chairs and tend to be roomier to make them more ergonomic for taller and heavier users.

But labels aren’t always clear. What one brand classes as a ‘big and tall’ gaming chair might be significantly smaller than another brand’s ‘big and tall’ gaming chair. That’s why it’s important to look at specific dimensions and compare them. With that in mind, let’s jump into the comparison.

The Overall Biggest Gaming Chair

To start with, let’s find out what the overall biggest gaming chair on the market is, for all you larger-bodied gamers out there. To determine the biggest chair, I combined measurements for back length, back width, seat depth, and seat width to get an overall conglomerate score and then compared them.

Based on this data, I determined that the overall biggest gaming chair was the DXRacer Tank Series, which had an overall combined score of 107.5 inches.

I guess this isn’t all that surprising for a gaming chair with a name like the ‘Tank’. I already knew the DXRacer Tank Series was an awesome big and tall gaming chair as it reached the top spot in my Gaming Chair For Fat Guys: The Ultimate Guide article, but it’s cool to know it’s the overall biggest too.

It’s the biggest by a pretty large margin too – almost 5 inches bigger than its closest competitor. For reference, here are the top three biggest gaming chairs by overall size:

  1. DXRacer Tank Series – 107.25”
  2. AKRacing Pro Series – 102.6”
  3. AKRacing Max Series – 101.9”

It’s interesting to note than AKRacing held both the second and third place positions. That suggests that it might be a great brand for big and tall gamers.

Other contenders with over 100 inches of total space include the Maxnomic XL Series, the DXRacer Sentinel Series, and the Secretlab Titan.

The Overall Smallest Gaming Chair

On the other end of the scale, the smallest gaming chair on the market is the Noblechairs Icon. It has a combined overall sizing score of 88.98 inches – that’s almost 20 inches smaller than the Tank Series.

Looking at the chair, you wouldn’t have thought it was so small. The backrest, for example, isn’t that short. It looks like what really brought the overall score down was the backrest width. It’s a lot narrower than the other gaming chairs I compared.

This means it might not be suitable for broader gamers, but if you have a slighter frame and are looking for a snug fit, it might be a good fit for you.

Here are the top three smallest gaming chairs:

  1. Noblechairs Icon – 88.98
  2. Vertagear SL4000 – 89.4
  3. DXRacer Formula Series – 91.75

Other small chairs that didn’t quite make the cut include the DXRacer Racing Series, Maxnomic Casual Sport, Vertagear PL6000. All of these chairs had a combined score of 93 inches or less.

The Largest Gaming Chair Seat

I combined the gaming seat width and depth scores of each gaming chair in this study together to get an overall seat size score.

Based on that data, the gaming chair boasting the largest gaming chair seat was the AKRacing Pro Series. It had a seat depth of 21.6” and a seat width of 23.6”, for a total combined score of 45.2”. That’s a lot of wriggle room for your backside!

Again, here’s the top 3 comparison table for seat size:

  1. AKRacing Pro Series
  2. AKRacing Premium Series
  3. DXRacer Tank Series

Other gaming chairs with large seats (combined score of 42 inches or more) include the Secretlab Titan, the AKRacing Max Series, and the Maxnomic XL-Series. If you’re bottom-heavy or just like to wriggle a lot while seated, make sure to choose one of the above!

The Smallest Gaming Chair Seat

Based on the same scoring system, the chair with the smallest gaming chair seat is the DXRacer Racing Series. It has a seat with an 18” depth and 18.54” width. The combined seat size score is 36.54”.

The top 3 smallest gaming chair seats in order of ranking are:

  1. DXRacer Racing Series
  2. DXRacer Formula Series
  3. Maxnomic Casual Sport

All of the above are designed for athletically-built or slim users. If you have a large waistline or tall legs, it’ll be a snug fit!

The Biggest Gaming Chair Back

Moving on to back size, I gathered back length and back width measurements of all the major gaming chairs on the market. To compare them, I combined both these measurements into one overall back size score.

I found that the chair with the biggest backtest was the DXRacer Tank Series. It boasts a whopping 37.5” back length and 26” back width, for an overall score of 63.5”. This makes it the biggest backrest on the market and suitable for the very tallest gamers. According to DXRacer, it’s big enough for users up to 6’7” tall and no shorter than 5’9”.

Here’s the runner-up table:

  1. DXRacer Tank Series
  2. DXRacer Sentinel Series
  3. Maxnomic XL-Series

Other worthy mentions include the Noblechairs Hero, Secretlab Titan, and DXRace King Series, all of which had an overall back size score of at least 57”.

The Smallest Gaming Chair  Back

The title of the gaming chair with the smallest backrest goes to the Noblechairs Icon, which, incidentally, I also found to be the overall smallest gaming chair on the market. It has aback length of 33.86” and a very-narrow back width of just 15.35”.

This makes it a good choice if you have a very slim, narrow build. Here are the top 3 smallest gaming chair backrests:

  1. Noblechairs Icon
  2. Vertagear SL4000
  3. Vertagear SL5000

Ok, now that we’re done with the gaming chair dimension comparison, let’s briefly look at how to determine the best size for you.

Gaming Chair Sizing Guide

The whole point of this gaming chair dimensions comparison is to help you to find a chair that’s the right size for you.

To do that, though, you first need to know the specific dimensions required for your body type. You can then use this to cross-reference with the comparison above. Here’s how you find out what dimensions you should be looking for.

Determining the Optimal Seat Width

Your gaming chair seat should be approximately 2” wider than you are. Measure the width of your hips from one to the other and add 2 to 4 inches depending on how much wiggle room you want. If you want a gaming chair with armrests, you might want to add the whole 4 inches as they might encroach on the seat space.

Determining the Optimal Seat Depth

The goal with seat depth is to choose a chair that allows you to sit with your back against the backrest while still leaving between 2 and 4 inches of space between your legs and the edge of the seat.

You can determine the perfect seat depth by sitting down and measuring from where your back meets the seats to the back of your knees and subtracting 2-4 inches.

Determining the Optimal Backrest Height

Your backrest should, at a minimum, reach and support your lumbar spine. Lower backrests are better for tasks that require you to have more upper body mobility. However, if you plan on reclining a lot, you’ll want to choose a chair that reaches your upper back or neck.

You can use the comparison table above to check if a gaming chair will support your height, by comparing it with a model with a similar back length.

Determining the Optimal Backrest Width

If you prefer a narrow backrest, you should choose a chair with backrest dimensions approximately the same as the width of your waist. If you prefer more wiggle room, add a few extra inches to the width of your waist.

Note: All the score are calculated using official data from the manufacturer’s website. 

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