What Gaming Chair Does DrLupo Use?

Superstar streamer Drlupo is known for being incredibly awesome at Destiny and Fortnite. If like me, you want to replicate his gaming setup (and skill), look no further than this article, where I’ll be telling you all you need to know about his gaming chair.

So what gaming chair does DrLupo use? He uses the Secretlab TITAN Series gaming chair. The TITAN Series is Secretlab’s best, biggest, and most expensive model of gaming chair. It features an ergonomic design, an extra high backrest, and an extra wide seat. It’s also my top pick for the best gaming chair in 2019 – good choice Drlupo!

Drlupo isn’t the only pro gamer using this chair either. Secretlab is also the chair brand of choice for world-famous eSports teams like Team Faceless and Cloud9.

So what is it that makes this chair so great that professional gamers like Drlupo would choose it over the rest? Let’s find out.

Benefits of the Secretlab TITAN Series, the chair used by DrLupo

As I said, the Secretlab TITAN Series is my personal favorite gaming chair on the market right now. Why? Well, there are a lot of reasons to love this chair, but here are the main ones…

Superb Build Quality

One of the key indicators of a good gaming chair is the build quality. Cheap, low-quality gaming chair manufacturers will cut corners when it comes to materials, and these kinds of chairs end up breaking a few months down the line.

The TITAN Series isn’t like that. Secretlab hasn’t cut any corners here and used only the best-quality materials. For example, the chair boasts:

  • An aluminum reinforced base made out of a special mix that’s resistant to rust and corrosion while still being lightweight.
  • Extra-thick cold-cure foam cushioning that will stay plush even after heavy use
  • Class 4 hydraulic pistons for fast, reliable height adjustment
  • XL PU Casters for smooth gliding and added durability

All that means that this chair will stand the test of time, which is important for pro-gamers like Drlupo that use it for hours on end every day. It gets top marks for durability.

That superb construction quality also means that this chair can handle heavy loads. With a 290 lbs weight capacity, it’s suitable for the biggest and tallest gamers out there.

Luxury Upholstery

Another standout feature of the Secretlab TITAN Series is the upholstery, which is made of much higher-quality materials that other chairs in a similar price range. It comes in three different upholstery options:

  • Prime PU Leather
  • Softweave Fabric
  • Napa Leather

Of these, the Napa Leather upholstery is the luxury option and is very expensive – it costs almost 3 times as much as the standard option.

Strangely, it looks like Drlupo hasn’t opted for this luxury option. It seems he’s stuck with the Prime PU Leather, which is surprising considering how much money he’s probably making.

It’s also a testament to how good the standard Prime PU Leather really is.

Excellent Ergonomic Support

Another thing I love about the Secretlab TITAN Series is the high level of ergonomic support it offers. It boasts some high-end ergonomic features like 4D armrests, a fully adjustable backrest tilt, superb integrated, adjustable lumbar support, and a tall backrest that supports gamers up to 6’4” tall.

Thanks to these features, it offers unparalleled support for your lower back, which is important if you’re a serious gamer like Drlupo that spends a lot of time sitting down.

Ergonomically-designed chairs will help protect you against developing musculoskeletal disorders and back pain.

As you can see, this chair is definitely one of the best chairs on the market, and for good reason. It’s really no wonder that so many professional gamers use it as their chair of choice. Now let’s move on to the big question….

How Much Does DrLupo’s Chair Cost?

The cost of Drlupo’s gaming chair might surprise you. While his whole gaming chair setup purportedly costs over $100,000, the gaming chair itself only costs $399. If you ask me, that’s an incredible value for money.

Considering all the high-end features that the Secretlab TITAN Series has to offer, you’d expect the price to be almost double that.

Similar chairs from competitor brands like DXRacer typically cost at least a couple of hundred dollars more.

It’s worth mentioning, though, that the price can vary depending on the type of upholstery you opt for.

If you want the TITAN Series in Softweave Fabric, it’ll cost you $439, and Napa Leather will cost you $949.

Alternative to DrLupo’s Chair

If you don’t like the look of the Secretlab TITAN Series Chair that Drlupo uses, or it just doesn’t feel like the right chair for you, there are plenty of other options. Let’s take a look at some of them…

Other Secretlab Chairs

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The “SecretLab OMEGA SoftWeave” is currently sold out. We recommend the “Secretlab TITAN™ Evo SoftWeave”.

If you like the TITAN Series but it’s just the price that’s concerning you, don’t worry- Secretlab also offers a range of more affordable chairs.

The OMEGA Series and the THRONE Series are both excellent chairs with a more affordable price tag.

Like the TITAN Series, they too offer fantastic ergonomic support and great build quality. There will be a few minor tradeoffs but nothing major.

If you’re working on a tight budget, they might represent a better choice for you.

DXRacer Chairs

If you don’t like the Secretlab brand in general (why wouldn’t you?), I’d recommend checking out DXRacer.

They’re another superb gaming chair brand and are much-loved by professional gamers and esports teams.

They partner with a lot of high-profile gamers, Twitch streamers and YouTubers like Drlupo.

I’d recommend checking out their Tank Series if you’re a big and tall gamer, or their Racing Series if you have a smaller, more athletic build.

Budget Gaming Chairs

If both Secretlab and DXRacer chairs are way out of your budget, you might want to go with a less well-known brand. There are lots of good budget gaming chairs out there that offer good value for money, such as this BestOffice chair and this Homall gaming chair.

They’re not perfect, but they’ll do the job. See our list of the top 10 best gaming chairs under $100 for more ideas.

Related Questions

What gaming chair does Ninja use? Ninja uses a Maxnomic gaming chair. Maxnomic is another high-end gaming chair brand that is popular amongst esports players and professional gamers. We’ve written an in-depth article about Ninja’s chair here.

What gaming mouse does Drlupo use? Drlupo uses the Razer DeathAdder Elite mouse. It’s a high-precision gaming mouse designed for optimal gaming performance. It allows you to do more accurate and concise mouse movements and has side buttons for additional key binding.

How much does Drlupo’s gaming setup cost? According to a recent YouTube video, Drlupo’s entire gaming set up costs around $111,000. That includes expensive equipment such as his multiple gaming monitors, keyboard, gaming mouse, headphones, and much more.

Is Secretlab a good gaming chair brand? Secretlab is one of the best gaming chair brands on the market. They’re a luxury gaming chair manufacturer that has partnered with professional gamers and esports teams all over the world. While it’s true that they’re a relatively new company (they were founded in 2014), they’ve already risen through the ranks to become one of the most well-known gaming chair brands.

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