How To Build Your Own Gaming Chair

Interested in buying a gaming chair for your needs?

From our past reviews, you probably know that there are tons of different models, gaming chair styles and specifications. However, you probably don’t know that there is another option – known as building your own computer gaming chair yourself.

Now, what kind of source am I to you if I offer both expensive gaming chairs and DIY guides, right?

Well, my sincere aim is to provide you as much details as possible in all kinds of endeavors relating to your gaming chair needs. So, I figured that if I share a guide on how to build your own computer gaming chair, I would definitely be of help to you.

Building Your Computer Gaming Chair: (How) Is It Possible?

The truth is, you can do everything nowadays with a little bit of imagination and creativity.

When it comes to gaming chairs, some people probably think that they should be built from scratch. But what if I recommended something else – coming in the form of a car seat?

You probably get the idea.

There are literally tons of car seats which are perfectly ergonomic, durable and nice – even in the junkyards. I mean, you can even get a Porsche, Ferrari or a Range Rover car seat made of leather at a silly price.

In a world full of salvaged cars, it definitely seems easy to build a gaming chair out of a car seat.

However, it is not as easy as you may think. Below, I am outlining all of the steps you need to take when building a customized gaming chair from a junkyard car seat.

Step 1: Get A Car Seat From A Junkyard

The first step is to visit a junkyard for cars and see all of the car models – specifically the car seats inside them.

If you are wondering which car seat to go for, you should know that it’s better to see the premium car models and test every car seat by sitting in it. Once you choose a car seat that suits your needs, talk to the junkyard owner about removing it – and getting the best price possible.

Make sure to get as lower price as possible, ensuring that you get the best value for your money and save while spending.

Step 2: Remove The 5-Star Base And Attach It To Your Car Seat

If you bought a car seat from the junkyard, it’s time to attach it to a 5-star base with custers. You can use an old gaming chair to detach the 5-star base by unscrewing it from the chair – or just any chair that is old and of no value to you.

When searching or getting a base, make sure that it is able to withstand a heavy load. After all, every car seat is heavy and requires a sturdy base to support it.

Obviously, the base won’t fit with your car seat as you expect it to do. You will likely have to drill some holes in the car seat structure and secure the base against it.

You should know that most of the car seats use a very strong and heavyweight metal base which is why you may want to cut it before drilling holes in it. This will also make your gaming chair more lightweight, versatile and fit for your base (in order for it to support it).

Note: Since many of the car seats use a heavyweight metal structure, you may want to get some equipment for drilling holes in a metal structure. If you can’t get this done on your own, consult a professional in the field and get help from them on drilling holes in your car seat and securing the base on it.

Step 3: Color Or Customize The Chair For Your Needs

Got a gray leather car seat and mounted it on a black 5-star base?

You obviously want to keep things unified in terms of design, especially if the car seat looks faded out. Since it is obviously in a worn out condition (and from a junkyard), you can customize it and color it according to your needs.

So, if you want to color your leather seat, my advice is to use leather and vinyl paint along with a brush – transforming your chair in a new-looking product. You can even use two or more colors, customizing the chair’s sides in one color and its main base in another.

Final Verdict: Reviewing The Cost, Quality And Effort Involved

Assuming you haven’t started transforming a car seat into your very own gaming chair, you will need to know all the good and bad things about it.

Below, I am reviewing the pros and cons you need to know before starting.

So, what makes an old car seat a great gaming chair – and what are the drawbacks of the process?


  • You are getting a premium car seat as a base to sit in
  • You are creating the chair yourself which adds some value to it
  • You are getting a gaming chair for less than $100
  • If you are a DIY expert, you will love the process
  • It is a journey that is worth it – both your experience and time


  • You need lots of time for this project
  • You need to find a car seat that is cheap and in a solid condition
  • You need to cut metal, find a base and simply put connect multiple pieces in a single product
  • There are additional costs (buying a base, making sure it fits, buying or renting cutting equipment, getting vinyl paint, hiring an expert etc.)
  • The chair is nowhere near a premium gaming chair in terms of features
  • The chair is slightly heavier than a store-bought item

To sum things up…

A car seat that is transformed into a gaming chair can be one of your best DIY projects and a mission that is worth remembering. The journey of finding your perfect car seat, finding a base that will support it and painting it just like you want it is great. What’s also great is having to sit in a Porsche car seat and playing your favorite car racing games, right?

On the flip side, the product that you are getting is nowhere as lightweight or practical as a chair bought online. Even though the base is solid and comfortable, you may be lacking comfort with other features such as neck support, armrests (which you can also add) or reclining seat features.

So, it is safe to categorize this DIY project as a journey that will let you explore the anatomy of a gaming chair – but not a final destination of getting the perfect computer chair for your needs.

To do that, it is always better to check some of the best gaming chair reviews on the market and make an easy decision about purchasing one for your needs.

I hope that this review helped you find a car seat and transform it into a gaming chair. If you need more help during the process, perhaps you can check out some of the best videos on YouTube and see the DIY work done by masters in this niche.

Good luck!

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