AKRacing Master Pro Hands-On Review

4.0 rating
AKRacing Master Pro Review Rating
Packaging & Assembly4/5
Features 5/5
Build Quality4.5/5
Comfort and Ergonomics 4/5
AKRacing Master Pro Review at a glance

Looking for a high-end gamer chair? Check out my review of the AKRacing Master Pro 😉

I’ve already tested gaming chairs from this brand. This is the case for the AKRacing Core LX Plus but also the AKRacing Core Ex which impressed me with its price-performance ratio. In my opinion, it’s a reliable manufacturer, offering generally well-made equipment.

Today, I’ll put the Master Pro, the high-end benchmark of the brand, to the test.

Let’s get started!

Note: Like many of our reviews, we bought this product to give you an unbiased opinion on it.

AKRacing Master Pro Specifications

Discover below the technical specifications of the gaming chair.

AKRacing Master Pro: Overview
Weight: 57 Lbs (26.1 kg)
Adjustable in height
Seat width: 16.9” (43 cm)
Recommended height for the user: between 68’8” (175 cm) and 80’7” (205 cm)
Maximum load: 330.6 Lbs (150 kg)
Metal base with 5 wheels
4D armrests
Tilt up to 180°
Class 4 piston
Delivered with lumbar cushion and headrest
 5-year warranty

Reception & Unboxing of the gaming chair

The delivery of the package went well and I had no problem receiving it. It’s a big package, but relatively compact.

Once unpacked, I found the various elements packaged and protected. It’s all quite professional, even if some parts of the packaging were pierced during the transport. This is also the case for the bag that contains the wheels: they were loose in the box. I think that the manufacturer could make an effort in this area: it would only require a better quality plastic and to use resistant tape to close the packages.

As far as documentation is concerned, it’s simple: there are pictorial assembly instructions and … that’s it! So now I can move on to the assembly.

Assembly of the AKRacing Master Pro 150

The installation steps are standard: first, the backrest and seat are installed together, then the upholstery. Then we move on to the mechanism, then to the wheels on the base. To finish, simply install the seat + backrest module on the piston, then place the chair in the right position.

I found the set up simple in some ways and frustrating in others. For example, the wheels fit easily, without the need for much force. On the other hand, the assembly of the seat and backrest was a bit of a struggle. I was able to put in the screws easily, but getting the backrest in the right position with the levers was not an easy task, and I had to go over it several times.

In total, the AKRacing Master Pro took me around 40 minutes to assemble, knowing that I was taking pictures and notes. Admittedly, the chair is heavy, but I managed to put it together by myself, so you shouldn’t have any trouble doing the same.

As for the assembly instructions, I sometimes found them not very clear. Fortunately, the assembly steps are standard, but the installation of the lumbar cushion is not so straightforward. Basically, you have to pass the straps under the backrest and on the sides above. At the back, we then strap it by crossing over. The two holes on the top are misleading, as they are there simply for aesthetics, not to install the cushions.

What are the AKRacing Master Pro’s specs?

Let’s take a quick look at the main technical info of the chair:

  • Armrests: 4D
  • Backrest: tilt up to 180°
  • Seat: adjustable in height
  • Rocking chair: yes, with lock
  • Lumbar support: yes, with strap
  • Head cushion: yes, with strap
  • Maximum load: 330.6 Lbs (150 kg)

I’ll share my opinion on the different features below, but overall, I’d say it’s a complete and versatile gaming chair. I find that, at this price, the multi-tilt could be greatly improved, as it is too low as it is, except when unlocking it to the max. In addition, for the armrests it would be better to have buttons to lock/unlock the different settings. The tilt, you’ll see, was a problem for me once you reach 180° – which isn’t very useful without a footrest anyway.

How is the build quality?

At this price, it’s quite normal to expect excellent build quality, with few plastic parts in particular. Overall, I think the AKRacing Master Pro Gaming Chair has great build quality. During the assembly, I noticed the heaviness of the different parts, and I also took the opportunity to examine them from every angle. The mechanism, in particular, was heavier than other models I have tested before, a testament to its solidity. With this in mind, it makes sense that the chair can support up to 330.6 Lbs (150 kg). Lastly, the 5-year warranty on the seat and 10-year warranty on the frame is reassuring.

  • The upholstery: a PU imitation leather coating (a synthetic leather) covers the unit. It is micro perforated, which is great news in terms of its breathability and ventilation. The beautiful aesthetic effect, by the way, is a plus. Moreover, I couldn’t spot a single protruding thread and the coating is only slightly pinched. This is a bonus as it is often an issue with PU synthetic leather. So, even if it’s difficult to estimate the durability of PU (that’s why I prefer fabric), it seems to me to be of a high quality. I found the coating very pleasant to the touch, offering a soft yet interesting feel. Finally, I think the aesthetics of the chair are excellent, with its duo of colours in the form of ripples and its various brand references (like the brand name and the series name, “Pro”). The coating is a real highlight.
  • The armrests: they are in plastic, but it doesn’t feel cheap overall, and is of good quality. The settings are interesting, although I think the armrests could be more ergonomic. For example, the left/right rotation and forward/backward adjustment lack a lock/unlock button. This means that if you pull the chair by the armrest to bring it to you, for example, the armrests will fall out of adjustment. In addition, for the forward/backward, it is a notched system which, in my opinion, is inferior to the sliding system in terms of precision and comfort of use. I feel the same for the up-down setting, although it is slightly smoother.
  • The cushions: they are just like the coating: micro-perforated, they offer good breathability, and are, moreover, only slightly pinched. There was a thread sticking out, but otherwise, nothing to complain about. However, I find that there is a lack of individuality for the price: I think, in comparison, to the piston of the Razer Iskur (at the same price) or the integrated lumbar cushion of the Secretlab Titan.  
  • The base and the wheels: the base is made of steel and has 5 wheels. It therefore has both good stability and a real solidity. It is clean, smooth and without dents. On the other hand, I found the wheels excellent: they are quite big, very quiet and move easily on all types of floors (tiles, parquet/PVC and even carpet/rug).
  • The central piston: everything is fine in this respect, the seat height is easily adjusted and without sinking.
  • The rocking chair mechanism: it is rather gimmicky here, as it’s hardly noticed when in use. The rocking chair can be unlocked by means of a lever located under the mechanism, but even then, the range is far too limited. In short, don’t count on this feature if you get the chair.
  • The tilt of the backrest: in theory, it can be pushed up to 180°, i.e. a fully extended position. However, after having tested it, I don’t recommend it, at least if you are over 176.3 Lbs (80 kg). In fact, the big problem is that the body weighs heavily on the backrest and the weight remaining on the seat is insufficient. So you can imagine what happened next: the chair started to tip backwards and I luckily had the reflex to stand up. In other words, I’d recommend that you limit yourself to 160°.

In conclusion, I think that the AKRacing Master Pro offers many possible customisations. Its armrest, backrest and seat adjustments are numerous and allow you to find the perfect position according to your activity. However, I feel that some improvements could be made: this is the case for the rocking chair (not very useful here), the maximum tilt at 180° (not recommended) or the armrests with custom adjustments.

My verdict on the comfort and ergonomics of the AKRacing Master Pro

This is the kind of chair you’ll be sitting in for long hours, often consecutively. Of course, the “comfort” aspect is essential.

First of all, the chair is ergonomic for the back. The quality and density of the padding provide good support; I find the comfort really nice, especially with the lumbar cushion. As long as you sit correctly, it naturally fits into the lumbar region and provides ergonomic support. The backrest is both firm and soft, and this balance is likely to appeal to most people.

Likewise, I think the chair is ergonomic for the neck, but could do better. The head cushion looks good: its soft touch is pleasant and its comfort is good. However, I find it a little too hard and it’s a real shame it isn’t memory foam, which offers support adapted to the user’s body type. I also sometimes have trouble positioning the cushion correctly, as the straps cause it to ride up if it’s too low.

The seat is particularly comfortable. I found the support to be balanced, like the backrest, and it’s a bit like the Noblechairs Icon. If you are looking for firmness, check out the KLIM eSport Gaming Chair and the GTRacing Ace. I used it for a while, for several hours straight for gaming and work, and I was comfortable, with no pain in my backside. Top-notch! 👍

Finally, the armrests are passable, but not padded enough. They are rather rigid and therefore not very comfortable.

Conclusion of the AKRacing Master Pro gaming chair review

In conclusion, I find the chair very interesting, comfortable and of high quality. It fulfills my requirements in terms of solidity and durability, but also versatility. In this respect, the numerous adjustments (4D armrests, seat height, backrest tilt) allow you to find the best position for your activity. Consistently, we benefit from optimal comfort, both for the backrest and the seat. However, there are elements that could be improved, such as the rocking chair, the armrests and the tilt.

Should I buy the AKRacing Master Pro? It is undeniably an excellent benchmark, among the best of my selection. However, it’s a shame that the price-quality ratio is lower than the competition. I mentioned earlier the Secretlab Titan: almost $130 cheaper, this chair makes up for the shortcomings of the Master Pro and is, in fact, superior. So I think you’d be better off going with the Titan rather than the AKRacing model.

Our rating: 4/5


  • Its aesthetic and inspired design
  • Its quality, silent and mobile wheels
  • The impeccable coating, very pleasant to the touch
  • Its Premium comfort, even over a long period of time
  • The many features
  • Excellent overall build quality
  • The 5-year warranty


  • Its price is too high compared to the competition
  • The maximum tilt is not recommended  
  • The limited multi-tilt
  • Average cushions for the price
  • The armrests could be improved

Carl Chamoiseau

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