SecretLab Titan vs Razer Iskur: We Tried Both

I’ve had the chance to review a number of gamer chairs and, so far, two of them have particularly grabbed my attention: the Secretlab Titan and the Razer Iskur.

Whilst Secretlab specializes in gaming chairs, Razer is an established computer peripherals manufacturer, producing mice and headsets, namely. Their expertise is different, but with their respective models, the two brands are firmly positioned at the top of the range.

After having tested them, I wanted to give you my verdict on which gaming chair to choose between the Secretlab Titan and the Razer Iskur.

Comparison of the Secretlab Titan and the Razer Iskur

Secretlab TItan 2020 Series

Before going into detail, you can peruse the technical characteristics of the two models below.

 Secretlab TitanRazer Iskur
Weight77 lbs (35 kg)46 lbs (21 kg)
Adjustable height✔️✔️
Width of seatbase20” (52 cm)15” (39 cm)
Recommended height and weight (user)—Between 5’7” and 6’5” (175 and 200 cm) – Less than 286 lbs (130 kg)—Between 5’6” and 6’2” (170 and 190 cm) – 299 lbs (136 kg) max.  
BaseMetal, 5 wheelsMetal, 5 wheels
Max. tilt165°139°
CylinderClass 4Class 4
Cushions—Lumbar (integrated) – Head—Lumbar (adjustable) – Head
Warranty5 years3 years
PriceFind it on (affiliate link)Find it on (affiliate link)

Comparison table between the SecretLab Titan and the Razer Iskur

For more details, check out my gaming chair reviews for the Secretlab Titan and the Razer Iskur.

Unpacking and assembly: 1-1!

As you’d expect at this range, the packaging is very similar in terms of quality. All the parts are properly packaged and protected, preventing damage and shocks during transport for example. The assembly is convenient and the parts (screws, casters, etc.) are in separate boxes.

Razer Iskur AssemblySecretLab Titan Assembly

As far as the assembly of the Secretlab Titan and the Razer Iskur is concerned, it is easy and rather fast; around thirty minutes if you do it on your own. There is, however, a difference in practicality: Secretlab provides assembly and operating instructions in a separate document whilst Razer displays them on the box. The unpackaging experience is valued with the latter brand, but slightly at the expense of practicality, in my opinion.

In short, both models show great promise at first glance.

Gaming chair features and adjustments

I’m not going to repeat the details of the previous table, but instead present the main differences:

  • 4D armrests: They can be adjusted on 4 axes: left/right rotation; up/down; forwards/backward; inwards/outwards. The adjustments are similar and easy thanks to locking knobs and sliding systems (more intuitive than their indented counterparts on entry and mid-range models).
  • Max tilt: With 165° max tilt, the Titan is more generous than the Iskur with its 139°.  In either case, it’s the relaxed positions that matter, as the reclining positions suffer from the lack of a footrest. If you have one, however, and like to lie in your gaming chair, the Secretlab is more appropriate.
  • The rocking chair mechanism: This one allows you to swing on your chair, like a rocking chair. You can lock and unlock the mechanism by means of a lever provided for this purpose.
  • Cushions: For both chairs, the headrest is made of memory foam, which allows it to adapt to the shape of your head and neck for tailored support. The lumbar cushion is where the gaming chairs stand out. Secretlab incorporated it into the backrest, like in a car, whilst Razer innovated by designing a cushion that mimics the curve of the back. For both, they can be adjusted.
  • Maximum load: On paper, the Razer Iskur wins, at 299 lbs (136 kg). However, the BIFMA certification ensures that the Secretlab Titan can support just as much, so it’s a draw!

Secretlab Titan and Razer Iskur: design & build quality

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Again, the two gamer chairs are neck and neck. Their upholstery is Premium, with good stitching and finishing without flaws (such as threads that poke out).

In terms of PU leather, their very high quality is very similar. Personally, however, you know that I prefer fabric to faux leather, and as it stands, only Secretlab offers such a variant with its Titan Softweave.

The details make the difference and, in this instance, Secretlab opts for simplicity whilst Razer innovates. The Iskur gamer chair features a snakeskin imitation, which can be seen on the seat and back cushion (adjustable).  Other details are more minimal, such as the iconic “T” in the center of the backrest.

Otherwise, as far as the bases are concerned, they are both made of metal and have 5 wheels. It’s solid, the quality you’d expect of this range.

However, I find that Secretlab’s casters have a more balanced grip, whereas it is sometimes difficult to move the Iskur on a non-flat surface, such as carpet.

Secretlab Titan and Razer Iskur: comfort and cushions

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Both chairs are really comfortable (I must emphasize), but my preference is for Secretlab.

Its greatest asset is certainly its very wide seat, at 20” (52 cm) compared to 15” (39 cm) for its competitor.

To achieve this, Secretlab has the smarts to remove the standard edges found on the Iskur. In fact, you can sit cross-legged on the Titan, not on the Razer Iskur.

In terms of support type, both gaming chairs are firm. Razer’s model is more so than Secretlab’s, however, and will probably be a bit too firm for some.

Concerning armrests, the numerous adjustments allow both gaming chairs to benefit from highly tailored support. The padding is generous – a little more so for the Titan, however, which remains the leader in this area.

I’ll finish now with the cushions. For the head cushion, the memory foam is a real winner, and I’ve never been so appreciative the optimal yet pleasant support it provides. This is, of course, true for both gaming chairs.

Regarding the lumbar support, Razer displays more innovation with this classic reproduction of the back curve.

In fact, I found this to be about as relevant as Secretlab’s integrated cushion, so the choice on this will really come down to your preferences.

Secretlab Titan vs. Razer Iskur: which should you choose?

After testing both, I recommend you go for the Secretlab Titan.

Let’s be clear: its competitor is of excellent quality, but is outmatched on a few details which are nevertheless non-negligible. This is the case for example with the traditional seat, which does not allow you to sit cross-legged.

But above all, the biggest difference is the price: $499.99 for the Iskur compared to $369.00 (at the time of writing) for the Titan.

This last model offers, in my eyes, a superior quality-price ratio, which is quite amusing when you know that the brand is considered (rightly) as expensive on the market.

 Secretlab TitanRazer Iskur
Pros✔️ Good packaging; quick and easy assembly
✔️ Aesthetic and durable upholstery
✔️ Very comfortable; wide seat (waist)
✔️ Integrated lumbar cushion
✔️ Impeccable packaging and assembly
✔️ Inspired and quality design
✔️ High comfort
✔️ Ingenious lumbar cylinder system
Cons—High but justified price – PU leather covering non-micro-perforated— High price – Impossible to sit cross-legged – Some noise (upholstery, wheels, mechanisms)

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