Why Do Gaming Chairs Look Like Racing Seats ?

For many years now just about every gaming chair on the market has borrowed its look from high-end racecars.

There has to be a reason behind this, as it can’t just be a coincidence that all these chairs are looking so similar.

We are going to explore the reasoning behind why race cars and gaming chairs have so much in common and why the style just works so well.

So, why exactly have gaming chairs been designed in the racecar style for so long? It actually started way back in 2006 when DXRacer decided to get into the gaming chair market. Their original business was designing and manufacturing seats for high-end sports cars so they knew a thing or two about sitting comfortably for extended periods of time.

DXRacer really was on to something with their original design and it didn’t take long for the competition to take notice.

Yet there are some more reasons as to why these style chairs have become so popular. It isn’t just the visual appeal of the racecar style that keeps them rolling off the assembly line.

Racing and Gaming Have Things in Common

A racing cockpit

It may come as a surprise but there is quite a lot of similarity in what professional racers, professional gamers, and youtubers go through during a regular day. Sure you aren’t going to be putting your life on the line during work as a gamer, but there are very similar pressures on your body. DXRacer was well aware of the link between these two very different sports and decided to run with it.

Racecar drivers can sit for very long periods of time and need the support on their back, shoulders, spine, and more to make sure their bodies don’t tire too quickly.

When you make the gaming connection here it starts to make more sense. Amateur and professional gamers alike are known to spend many hours in the same position while playing their respective gaming platforms. Their bodies are not going through the extreme movements and pressures as racecar drivers, but they do require very similar support structures.

It is not uncommon for some professional gamers and racers to spend up to 12 hours at a time sitting, and that is going to be hard on the body.

We are not meant to sit for such extended periods of time so chairs need to be designed to offer more support than normal to keep your body from fatiguing.

Ergonomics is of the utmost importance in the design of these seats and chairs. It comes first and foremost in an attempt to make gamers and racers more comfortable during their daily training.

You Can Do It, Put Your Back Into It

The first thing you are going to notice, besides some of the really interesting aesthetics, is that ergonomics and back support are the key components of these chairs.

Companies are paying very close attention to how the back support sections of their chairs are designed. You will see the back supports reaching higher and sometimes wider to offer a more ergonomic seating position.

These supports have been meticulously researched and crafted to support shoulders, spine, and lumbar as much as possible.

Extended periods of sitting puts way too much pressure on these areas of your body and it is going to require something extra to keep them from getting tired or even injured.

Back injuries are all too common in the driving profession and are becoming more common in professional gaming.

You need to do everything you can to protect your back and spine while honing your craft, as one bad injury can completely change everything.

The Right Chair Keeps Your Body Working

Gaming chairs and racing seats also have the unique challenge of both offering support to users back and spine, and also doing enough to work these areas and keep them active.

The last thing you want is for your back and shoulder muscles to go completely inactive and start to atrophy over time. A well-made gaming chair has a higher back and shoulder support for this very reason and is going to be working your back and supporting it simultaneously.

If the racing and gaming seats did not do anything to stimulate your back and shoulders they would very quickly start losing strength and muscle mass.

As a professional, or even an amateur, you need to do everything you can to deter this as a strong back is going to be one of your biggest advantages for gaming.

You could have the best reflexes in the world but it would be difficult to go for long periods if your back and spine couldn’t handle it.

Pressure Points Are Killers

Anyone who has ever driven any vehicle for an extended period of time can attest to how much pain can be involved when pressure points get activated. Racing seats are the best thing out there to help relieve pressure points over lengthy sessions, so it was a no brainer to include this in the best gaming chairs.

When you sit in the same position for too long certain spots start to support all your weight.

A good gaming chair will have strategically located padding and cushioning, as well as full adjustability to help you relieve all that pressure and spread it out.

Pain, of any kind, is going to throw off your game, so it makes sense to make the extra effort to minimize pressure points on your body.

It’s All About the Movement

Another key similarity between these two types of seats is the fact that the equipment you are viewing and controlling is fixed.

A racer is focusing on the view ahead and a fixed steering wheel, while the gamer is focusing on the screen with a fixed controller. This means that your chair must have the ability to adapt and keep you comfortable over extended periods of time.

You will see a lot of gaming chairs that come with 360-degree swivel, fixed recline at different angles, and even footrests.

Companies also tend to include extra pillows for your back and neck. This is all done in an effort to make the serious gamer more comfortable during those long raids or PVP matches.

It Is Also A Social Thing

With the rise in social media, a persons’ image has become more important than ever — to some of us.

When DXRacer first brought out their gaming chairs that looked like they were ripped out of a racecar it took people by surprise. Then not too long after a little thing called Twitch started emerging among the boom in social media platforms. This platform is rooted in gaming and features gamers streaming themselves either playing or doing various other activities.

The racecar design of the new gaming chairs became the standard for anyone who was anyone on gaming social media.

So the rise of racing style gaming chairs really came from two very different places. The racing style is very practical and functional in design, but it is also something the people love to look at.

When these two things combined it was only a matter of time before things went sky high.

Carl Chamoiseau

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