What Gaming Chair Does Sodapoppin Use?

Sodapoppin on his chair

With over 3 million Twitch followers, 1 million YouTube subscribers, and his own eSports organization, you can bet that Sodapoppin knows a thing or two about gaming – and gaming chairs! If you want to copy his set up, we’ve got you covered.

So what chair does Sodapoppin use? The last known chair used by Sodapoppin (Chance Morris) was the Herman Miller Embody Chair, which he publicly unboxed in 2016. However, he is also sometimes seen streaming from a different chair with extremely plush cushions and red upholstery. The brand and model of this latter chair are currently unknown, but it’s been speculated that it may be the Lifeform High Back Executive Office Chair.

Seeing as the Herman Miller Embody Chair is the only one we definitely know he uses, this is the chair we’ll be looking at in the rest of this article. We’ll be covering how much it costs, the main features, and why Sodapoppin chose it over the other gaming chairs on the market. Ready? Let’s get started.

Is Herman Miller a Good Gaming Chair Brand?

Herman Miller Embody Chair: Fully Adj Arms - Graphite Frame/Base - Standard Carpet Casters

Believe it or not, Herman Miller isn’t actually a gaming chair brand per se at all. They’re technically an office and home furniture brand known for pushing the boundaries when it comes to ergonomics.

They’re constantly innovating and specialize in creating some of the most advanced ergonomic chairs in the world. They prioritize healthcare and have a team of world-class designers that know how to create chairs optimized for good health, posture, and comfort.

I know what you’re going to ask: why does Sodapoppin – a famous Twitch gamer – choose to use a chair from an office chair brand rather than a gaming chair brand?

Well, it’s all about ergonomics. Chairs designed for the office often actually make the perfect gaming chairs, particularly if you’re more concerned about your back health than aesthetics.

Think about it: professional gamers spend a ton of time sat down on their chairs. They work from their chairs, just like office workers, so why not use a chair designed for people that spend their whole day sat down?

So, we know that Herman Miller is a good brand when it comes to gaming chairs, but what is it about the Embody chair in particular that appealed to Sodapoppin? Let’s find out.

Key Features of the Herman Miller Embody Chair

The Herman Miller Embody chair is pretty incredible. It’s no wonder Sodapoppin chose this chair above all others. Here are some of the features that make it stand out:

Innovative Ergonomic Design

When creating this chair, Herman Miller enlisted the help of over 20 experts in biomechanics, physical therapy, and ergonomics. They combined their expertise to develop a chair that really pushed the boundaries of pressure distribution and postural seating support.

Pixelated Support

Embody has a feature dubbed ‘Pixelated Support’, which refers to the seats ability to automatically conform to teeny-tiny movements in your body in order to distribute your weight evenly. In doing so, it encourages you to move around and promotes good circulation and focus to help you stay alert during those long Twitch streams.

Spine-Like Back

The chair even has it’s own ‘spine’ that looks just like a human’s. This means it can conform exactly to the natural curve of the user’s spine, and move with you to provide constant support and help you to maintain a neutral posture.

Maximum Adjustability

Every aspect of the Herman Miller Embody chair can be adjusted completely to perfectly fit your body, posture, and movements. This is important for gamers who spend a lot of time sitting down as having a properly-adjusted chair minimizes the risk of straining your muscles or injuring your back.

All pretty amazing stuff, right?

How Much Does Sodapoppin’s Gaming Chair Cost?

So, right about now you’re probably wondering how much a chair like that costs. Here’s the answer

Sodapoppin’s Herman Miller Embody Chair costs around $1395.00. That’s the starting price, but it could be more expensive depending on the customization options you choose.

I know what you’re thinking – that’s a lot of cash. And you’re absolutely right, this is one of the most expensive office and gaming chairs money can buy. It’s also one of the best luxury chairs out there, so it’s only fair that the price reflects that.

I guess famous Twitch streamers like Sodapoppin can afford a chair like that, but not everyone can. With that in mind, let’s move on and take a look at some more affordable alternatives.

Alternatives to the Sodapoppin’s Gaming Chair

If you want to get your hands on your own professional gaming chair just like Sodapoppin’s, but you can’t afford the hefty price tag, here are some cheaper alternatives:

Herman Miller Sayl Chair

Herman Miller Sayl Ergonomic Office Chair with Tilt Limiter and Carpet Casters | Stationary Seat Depth and Adjustable Arms | Black Frame with Licorice Crepe Seat

If you want the prestige that comes with having a chair by luxury brand Herman Miller, but you don’t have $1395 for the Aeron, the Sayl Chair is a more affordable alternative.

This chair comes in at less than $500 and still offers incredible ergonomics. Here are some features that I really like about this chair:

  • Breathable mesh backrest
  • Minimalist, stylish design
  • PostureFit back technology
  • Fully adjustable height, seat position, armrests, and recline

Cedric Ergonomic Mesh Office Chair

Cedric Office Chair,Breathable Mesh Computer Chair with Ergonomic Adjustable Lumbar Support, Black Swivel Desk Chair with Adjustable Armrest and Headrest, Mesh Seat, BIFMA-Certified

The Cedric Ergonomic Mesh Office Chair is another ergonomic office chair just like Sodapoppin’s but a lot more affordable. It’s less than a quarter of the price but will still keep you comfortable and supported during those all-night gaming sessions.

SecretLab Titan 2020 Series

If these ‘office-style’ chairs just aren’t appealing to you, you could always go for a more traditional gaming chair instead. In that case, my top recommendation would be the SecretLab Titan 2020 Series.

This is a chair built specifically for gamers and is my favorite gaming chair on the market right now. Check it out!

Who Else Uses a Herman Miller Chair?

Sodapoppin isn’t the only pro-gamer that uses a Herman Miller chair. There are a few other popular YouTubers and Twitch streamers using chairs from the same brand too, such as…


Pokimane is another huge Twitch streamer known for her legendary Fortnite and LoL skills. She currently uses the exact same gaming chair as Sodapoppin – the Herman Miller Embody Chair. Interestingly, she actually only switched to this chair recently. Before that, she was using a gaming chair by DXRacer, the more popular brand in the gaming scene. Presumably, she decided that she wanted something a little more kind to her spine and made the switch!


Shroud is one of the most popular pro-gamers around. He’s a Polish-Canadian Twitch streamer who was once a professional CS:GO player. Nowadays, he’s best known for playing games like PUBG and Minecraft.

Like Sodapoppin, he too uses a Herman Miller chair. Shroud actually uses the Herman Miller Aeron Chair, which is kind of like the B-side to the Embody Chair. It’s just as awesome and just as expensive.

Alright, that concludes this in-depth guide to Sodapoppin’s gaming chair! You can walk away now and consider yourself an expert in gaming chairs. If you can afford it, go and grab your own Herman Miller Embody Chair so you can see for yourself why Sodapoppin uses it. If not, go check out some of our other articles and find the perfect gaming chair for you.

Happy gaming!

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