Boulies Gaming Chairs Review: Is This A Good Gaming Chair Brand?

If you are a fan of gaming chairs, you probably know what you are looking for when choosing a top brand. In an ocean of big brands, award-winning models and so many different styles and options, it is hard for a new brand to produce a best selling model that people would choose over some of the most popular gaming chairs out there.

However, this mission was proven to be a success for Boulies, an European brand that has gotten the likes of many fans on the market. The truth is, I have gotten a chance to sit on some Boulies chairs and all I got was impressions on the quality of the materials, the sturdy frame, and more features that amazed me.

Below, I am talking about this brand in detail. I am also sharing the things I liked about the chairs and what makes the Boulies gaming chairs stand out from the competition.

What Should You Know About The Boulies Gaming Chairs?

As the brand says on its official website, “the Boulies newest adjustable chairs are committed to offering you a more comfortable sitting experience.” Their Master Series is the most popular legacy model after which many other models are created – you will easily notice it on the upper banner as a big, black and good looking gaming chair which seems to have all the features you need.

Basically, the Boulies gaming chairs can be found in a couple of product lines, including the following.

The Ninja Series

  • Maximum height: 185 cm
  • Maximum capacity: 100 kg
  • Price: $229.99

This is the entry-level, compact gaming chair with all the basic features. It offers a thick seat, a comfy cushion and an ergonomic function with great support. Even though this chair does not have all the popular features, you can enjoy seating in a base that offers full-length backrest adjustment, 2D armrests (you can move them in two directions), height adjustments, tilt-locking switch and a tilt tension adjustment. You can choose from black-white and black-red variations.

The Ninja Pro Series

  • Maximum height: 200 cm
  • Maximum capacity: 135 kg
  • Price: $318.99

While the Ninja Series offers basic features, the Ninja Pro Series give you a tweaked version of the basic model with a more refined look and more aesthetic materials. There are four color options including black, white, green and red.

The upgrades start from the 4D armrests which can be moved in all directions, premium height adjustment and a tilt locking lever. However, I found out that besides the armrests and the more color choices, this model does not offer many things worthy of an upgrade.

The Master Series

  • Maximum height: 198 cm
  • Maximum capacity: 135 kg
  • Price: $329.99

The Master Series is the top-selling legacy model of the brand, known for its wide backrest area and minimalistic looks. It has an affordable price, better features than the above listed models and a design that makes it perfect for both home and office use. In fact, the Master Series can look very good in an office, whether you aim for Black, Blue, Red or White.

The aluminum base, multi-tilt mechanism and full control, this model is good for taller and heavier guys too – they can lock and unlock their position and sit in any angle they want, eliminating pressure in their back and neck area.

The Elite Series

  • Maximum height: 192 cm
  • Maximum capacity: 120 kg
  • Price: $329.99

The most refined, good-looking chair which originally comes in white. The brand markets for its “elite” type of customers. However, its price is the same as the Master Series which makes it a good deal if you like it more than the previously reviewed model.

There is tilt-tension adjustment and a tilt locking lever giving you full control over the chair – as well as full-length backrest adjustment. The 4D armrests are here too, and the chair can support people with optimal height and weight.

As you can see, Boulies is following most of the leading gaming chair brands out there. This European brand has found out that the best approach is to mix the features between its chairs and gradually create models that will be made of top quality and refined materials. Below, I am talking about these features in more detail.

The Main Features Of The Boulies Gaming Chairs

As you would guess, the Boulies gaming chairs are designed in a couple of categories to fit any style and budget. The Elite Series, for instance, is reserved for the highest paying customers. It satisfies the higher price tag by delivering racing-inspired aesthetics which can actually be seen in the brand’s DNA through all of the models.

However, the main design element in the Elite Series blends two types of leather which this brand prides on, making the chair more fashionable, more breathable, and obviously, more “elite.” This makes it a perfect option for people who are willing to spend more and get the very best out of their Boulies gaming chair.

What I really find fascinating, though, is that Boulies really cares for its customers. This can be seen simply from the fact that there are some true ergonomics in each of the models. As the brand says on its website, they are “committed to helping people optimize their sitting environments” and focus on improving ergonomic design.

To continue, I would also like to point out the built-in lumbar support as one of the top features of these gaming chairs, as well as the 90-to-180 degree adjustability in the backrest area which makes the gaming chair go down to a lying position too (yes, you can take a nap in your Boulies gaming chair).

With the new special design of the backrest area, each of the Boulies chairs conforms to the actual (and natural) curvature of our spine in a perfect way – supporting and helping you release fatigue in long-time working or gaming.

The 4D armrests are the cherry on the cake – you can move them in all four directions, just like some of the best models on the market.

All in all, Boulies has some really great features which have been tested and certified. The hydraulic lift, multi-functional mechanism, reclining mechanism and aluminum foot base have all been tested for their quality and endurance in the long run.

What Types Of Materials Is Boulies Using In Its Chairs?

Now, this is the part when things get more interesting. Believe it or not, this European brand really focuses on good materials. Here are some of the best ones that it is using in its product line:

  • Microfiber Suede: This anti-friction material is typically used in the upholstery of sports cars. With it, the Boulies gaming chairs are truly mimicking the racing car design with high quality, comfort and smoothness as its three main features. You can find microfiber suede in the Ninja Pro Series, Master Series and Elite Series.
  • Ultraflex PU Leather: This type of leather is more durable than regular PU leather. You won’t see it being used on most of the gaming chairs out there – however, Boulies has patented a technology where this exclusive leather is used, tested to be high wear and water resistant yet still soft. Once you sit on a Boulies gaming chair, you will see how soft, elastic and smooth it is, giving you a comfortable sitting experience. This type of leather is used in the Ninja Pro, Master and Elite Series.
  • Cold-cured foam: The body of each Boulies gaming chair uses cold-cured foam which is soft and adapts to the body when you sit. It also helps the chair keep the shape after years of sitting on it.
  • Reinforced aluminum: The frames of some of the Boulies gaming chairs are reinforced with aluminum, ensuring optimal balance and strong bearing capacity. Specifically, aluminum is used in the Ninja Pro Series, Master Series and Elite Series.

What About Customer Support?

Buying a Boulies gaming chair gives you a full treatment in all aspects.

The customer service at this brand is fully committed before, during and after your purchase. Their website also has a live chat where you can talk to some of the team at Boulies and even before you purchase, you can get all the questions you want or are unsure about.

After you purchase a Boulies gaming chair, you will be greeted with a 24 months (2-year) warranty on all of its functionality options and features. This ensures comfort and peace of mind for years to come.

So all in all, you are getting:

  • Fast responses from the brand 24/7
  • Free shipping and rapid delivery
  • Premium support (14 days of free returns)
  • Two-year warranty
  • Flexible payment options

Final Words

All in all, I can say nothing bad about Boulies. This gaming chair brand is definitely changing the game and starting to gain steam on the market as more people are buying their chairs.

I personally prefer the Master Series as the best model from this brand, mostly because of its maximum height and weight capacity which outperforms the Elite Series, too. 

And if you are looking for a final verdict, I would say that buying a Boulies gaming chair is a good decision. However, my opinion is that you will get the best of both worlds only if you opt-out for a model with a higher-price tag (in other words, the Ninja Pro, Master or Elite Series).

Other than that, the affordable prices, cool features and great design are all things I was impressed with. I hope you are too now that you know everything about Boulies.

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