Brazen Gaming Chairs Review: Is This A Good Gaming Chair Brand?

“No compromise.”

This is the main slogan that the Brazen gaming chairs brand is using. Based in the United Kingdom, this brand prides itself of being the largest brand producing gaming chairs in the country – and one which employs its own quality control experts for each model they produce.

Another thing worth mentioning about Brazen is that their gaming chairs have appeared in multiple eSports competitions and are used in active gaming communities. This obviously builds authority for the brand itself and positions it among the top.


Most of the gaming chairs in their lineup are actually Bluetooth-connected and rocker gaming chairs – which means that they use a lower base and do not have casters but are instead fixed with their entire surface to the ground.

Aside from gaming chairs, the brand also manufactures gaming accessories such as gaming tables, headphones, mouses and other accessories.


Are the Brazen gaming chairs as good as the bigger players on the market?

I guess we will find out below.

What Should You Know About The Brazen Gaming Chairs?

Brazen promises to give you a better chair for your money. I had the chance to personally review, sit on and get comfortable with a couple of models in their product line.

The models I tested included two Bluetooth surround sound gaming chairs (with actual speakers on them) as well as the standard format gaming chairs that this brand advertises – the Shadow and the Stealth Series.

Even though my first impression was not that mouthful, the gaming chairs by Brazen did deliver when it comes to comfort. The design, however, is where they could certainly improve in the years to come.

The best way to understand what I mean by this is if you see the Brazen gaming chair lineup in detail. So, let’s begin listing their flagship chairs.

Brazen PC Gaming Chairs Review

Ok, so the first category is the standard gaming chairs by Brazen which falls into three main models: The Shadow, The Phantom, and The Puma.

The Phantom (And Phantom Elite) PC Gaming Chair By Brazen

The Phantom and Phantom Elite have the same price and employ the same design principles. However, the Elite model is apparently newer on the market and presents an genuinely adult sized chair which is a revamp of an already successful model. It has adjustable armrests, quality castors and a practical and breathable material. It also comes in a range of colors including Blue,Red, White, Yellow, Pink and Black.

The Puma PC Gaming Chair By Brazen

This is probably the most affordable standard gaming chairs by Brazen. It can be used as an office/desk chair and helps you elevate your work environment into a more enjoyable one. When it comes to features, it uses faux leather, steel frame, a class 4 gas lift and nylon non-slip castors. Its maximum supported weight is 150 kilograms.

Brazen Rocker Gaming Chairs Review

As I hinted before, these gaming chairs have Bluetooth features and a base which ties them to the ground. They don’t have casters and have a lower sitting base.

Brazen Serpent 2.1 Bluetooth Surround Sound Gaming Chair

One of the things I like about this chair is that it can be folded. I also liked the fact that it has Bluetooth capabilities and a sound which is very powerful – it can truly make your gaming experience unique. The only thing I don’t like about this chair is its weight – it weighs around 20kg (44lbs) but again, this may be good considering the fact that it is supportive.

Brazen Pride 2.1 Bluetooth Surround Sound Gaming Chair

The Brazen Pride gaming chair is a cool chair. It has a quite more classy and sophisticated look when compared to the Serpent model. It is not quite a racing seat but resembles one with its colors and pattern. Speaking of, you can choose from Purple, Green and Blue as the standard colors. Overall, this is a model that is cool and modern.

Brazen Stag 2.1 Bluetooth Surround Sound Gaming Chair

Surround systems on gaming chairs have been taken to their maximum in the Brazen Stag gaming chair. It can be easily connected to Xbox and PS but some users complained about the quality of the sound. The good thing is the quality – the chair is sturdy and I highly recommend it.

Brazen Chairs: Main Advantages And Disadvantages

There is no secret that Brazen does a good job when it comes to features.

Five years ago, it was hard to believe that gaming chairs would have features such as Bluetooth connectivity, ability to link them with your gaming console, built-in speakers and all of that. Now, it is all a reality thanks to Brazen and a couple of other brands.

What I like most about the PC gaming chairs that Brazen manufactures is their price. They are reasonably priced considering the fact that they employ solid features. To begin with, there is a steel frame on all of the models in the Brazen gaming chair lineup.

Another thing I like is the brand’s focus on gameplay. They have designed a line of gaming chairs that actually link to your consoles and are more than the average “small comfy chair” that you want in your room.

Next up is the maximum weight. Almost all of the chairs can support people over 100 kilograms and the maximum capacity of the rocker chairs is around 120 kilograms on average. 

The packaging and assembly is made easy. The chairs come in a couple of pieces (four to six) plus a set of screws with a key and detailed instructions.

Rest assured that even if you are a beginner or a newbie in the gaming chair industry, you won’t have any problems assembling any of the Brazen chairs.

The RGB feature in their desks is also good if you are a fan of lights glowing in your dark gaming room. Better yet, RGB is a concept that was never seen in gaming desks before but has come to life over the past couple of years.

Comfort-wise, I love the fact that the chairs can rotate in full 360 degrees motion and recline into a comfortable position. This answers the prayers of every gamer who needs a Brazen rocker chair or a Brazen PC gaming chair.

The only things I don’t like (in some of the models) include the inability to adjust the height. This may be a problem for taller gamers who may find the chairs uncomfortable for long periods of time. So, make sure to consider that when shortlisting any of the Brazen office or gaming chair models.

To sum things up, Brazen offers some cool features which are worth the price tag. Still, I would 100% recommend the brand only if you want to explore the differences between rocker gaming chairs and PC gaming chairs. For the latter, my opinion has not changed – they need to work more on their PC chairs and come up with better features and materials. Which brings us to the next part of this review.

The Types Of Materials Used In The Brazen Gaming And Rocker Chairs

The brand accents their materials on a couple of occasions. This can be seen from their website. As they say:

“Our Gaming Chairs are designed in the UK to the best industry standards using only quality materials.”

What I also discovered was the brand’s relationship with design. It appears to be collaborative with members of the eSports and gaming communities. They test their products with gamers who provide valuable feedback and help the brand evolve. Kudos to Brazen for that!

Still, I am not that fascinated with the materials in the PC gaming chairs. For the rockers, I can tell that they are doing a good job and evolving the brand well while expanding their offering.

A Word About Brazen’s Customer Support

Brazen offers affordable gaming chairs in a high magnitude of designs, colors and styles. There is a type of chair for every budget and every set of needs. 

As soon as you buy their chair, you will be greeted by their sales support service which will greet you. And if you have any questions before buying a chair from Brazen, you can find all of your answers by contacting the brand through their customer support telephone line or email.

Final Verdict On The Brazen Chairs

In the end, I can safely say that this brand is getting some good traction on the market.

Now, most of that traction is because of the good rocker chairs that they manufacture. When it comes to the PC gaming chairs, they are good but need more work. The biggest advantage is their prices: Brazen PC gaming chairs are quite cheap. The rockers are good, come with built-in Bluetooth and speakers and a good reclining position.

I am looking forward to testing more rockers and PC gaming chairs by Brazen in the future! Until then, I really hope that this Brazen brand review will help you!

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