DXRacer vs AKRacing: Which Brand Is Better?

In today’s gaming chair brand comparison, I am presenting you the battle between DXRacer and AKRacing.

If you are new to the market, you should know that both of these manufacturers have deep roots in the gaming community. They are both great in terms of their design, basic features and the overall comfort of the chair.

But if you know me, you also know that I like to get down to details and just try to compare every single detail about gaming chair brands. In this case, the DXRacer vs. AKRacing battle is very interesting.

Aside from the similarity with the term “racing” in both of the brand’s names, there are a lot of differences and important points to consider if you are thinking of shopping from any of these gaming chair brands.

So, let’s begin by saying a couple of things about both brands.

DXRacer: A Gaming Chair Brand That Innovates Since 2006

DXRacer is a company that manufactured its first gaming chair in 2006, a model that was revolutionary and very interesting. Today, the gaming chair manufacturer is one of the reputable brands and a successful American company with headquarters in Michigan.

One of the things that I found about this brand is the blueprint of their original gaming chair which showcases all of the features that the brand prides itself on. The 2006 design is here obviously a step forward (considering that era) and with plenty of innovation that helped the brand position itself among the popular choices.

You can see the blueprint below.

In an industry that is booming and with a huge potential in the future, DXRacer remains committed to its core features. It has partnered with more pro e-Sports teams than any other brand. Below, you can see some of the popular gamers using DXRacer

As a lot of the gamers said, the DXRacer chairs are a key part of their success. The brand makes sure to further innovate and extend its comfort as a true premium gaming chair manufacturer.

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AKRacing: A Variety Of Designs And Cool Features

AKRacing is another big player in the gaming chair world. The seats manufactured by AKRacing appeared on the gaming scene in the past. Even though the brand is not as popular as DXRacer, they have many things in common.

If you see the product offering of AKRacing, you will notice that the brand uses high-quality materials, precise manufacturing and unique chairs. Their Onyx model is an attempt to release the second ever genuine leather chair – something that was accepted well by the community.

AKRacing is also no short of support in the e-Sports world. The brand is supporting teams like Astralis or Dignitas as well as others. The only probem for now may be the fact that the product offering by AKRacing is just too big – which can definitely cause problems for users trying to find the ideal chair for them.

For me, this is definitely not a bad factor. Instead, I can proudly say that I have owned a couple of AKRacing gaming chairs and they have all been supporting my body posture and taste well.

AKRacing Vs. DXRacer: Which Gaming Chairs Are Better?

When comparing both brands, we can see that it is quite hard to be realistic and just not fall in love with both the best models of their lineup.

However, I was able to pinpoint the standard features found in every AKRacing gaming chair. They include:

  • An adjustable backrest area  (<180°) аnd lockable rocking (<12°) function
  • Fabric options and real leather in the Onyx model
  • 2D or 3D armrests (although the Masters Series has 4D armrests)
  • A steel frame which is constructed with a 5-star aluminum base
  • Class 4 gas lift carrying up to 150 kilograms (on average) and a maximum weight capacity of 181kg (400lbs) found in the AKRacing Masters Series
  • Cold foam that fills the chair with a high density of 49 kg/m³ tо 55 kg/m³ based on the model
  • Flexible lumbar and neck cushions
  • Wheels that can be exchanged with AKRacing Rollerblade Casters
  • A two-year warranty on all parts (if you buy from an official seller)

In contrast, here are the standard features found in every DXRacer gaming chair:

  • Adjustable backrest area (from 120° to 135°) and a rocking function on each chair
  • Advanced and ergonomic lumbar and neck pillow support
  • 1D armrests (Formula Series), 3D Armrests (Racing Series) and 4D Armrests (King, Tank Series)
  • Synthetic/PU leather as well as cloth/mesh cover options
  • Class 4 gas lift carrying up to 150 kilograms (on average) and a maximum of 192kg (425lbs) in the DXRacer Tank Series
  • 2” or 3” wheels (which can be exchanged with a better alternative)
  • A two year warranty on all the equipment and a lifetime warranty on the frame
  • More affordable gaming chairs (budget options) such as the DXRacer Formula Series

From all of this, it is easy to see that there are a couple of differences between “the average chair” in both brands.

For instance, we can notice that the backrest area offers better adjusting in the AKRacing gaming chairs – up to 180 degrees on some models.

When it comes to armrests, the battle is really tight. Generally speaking, AKRacing’s lower models have 3D armrests which is contrary to DXRacer who offers only 2D armrests. Still, the DXRacer models compared in this category are much cheaper which is why it is difficult to speak generally – it’s better to compare model by model.

Another difference is the capacity. Here, DXRacer wins the game with its 192kg weight capacity in the Tank Series, compared to the AKRacing’s 180kg capacity in the Masters Series. So, if you are proud of your weight, you should know that DXRacer is a better choice.

When it comes to the details and finesses, I’d give my vote to DXRacer only because of their lifetime warranty on the frame of the chair and the fact that the ergonomic support is a bit better compared to AKRacing. Also, the DXRacer gaming chairs are considered as more affordable which favors buyers who don’t have deep pockets.

However, I really love the Onyx model by AKRacing and if you are a fan of leather gaming chairs, you should definitely consider it. In this manner, AKRacing is better.

Who Should Choose DXRacer, And Who Should Opt For AKRacing?

As you can see from all I wrote above, the battle between DXRacer and AKRacing is quite subjective based on some features. There are literally areas where DXRacer is better and others where AKRacing seems like a more rational option.

Why (And Why Not) Choose DXRacer?

In reality, DXRacer is best considered if you want a chair like the Tank Series. In this scenario, you will get a chair with maximum weight capacity, solid structure and great ergonomics. You can customize the features and the design is the cherry on the cake.

However, if you are looking for the gold standard when choosing DXRacer, my advice is – don’t. There are brands like SecretLab and Noblechairs which have also stepped up the game and now manufacture chairs with relatively better features compared to DXRacer.

Anyways, my top three recommendations for DXRacer chairs are:

  • The King Series: Offering five different color options, an ergonomic design + a headrest cushion and lumbar support cushion. You can literally place them anywhere and enjoy the comfort.
  • The Formula Series: With eleven different color options, this model is definitely one to watch out for. Two cushions also come per standard and I am particularly in love with the breathable material which makes the chair easy to sit on for hours. The Formula Series is probably one of the most popular models because of its relatively low price and relatively great features.
  • The Tank Series: Obviously, the fact that the Tank can support up to 192 kilograms is the main reason for this pick. The weight capacity is tremendous and there is a mesh structure which again helps with better breathability.

I’d say that these are pretty much the best options for every gaming chair reviewer and the ones that give you an optimal value for your money.

Why (And Why Not) Choose AKRacing?

I’ve had the chance to test a couple of AKRacing gaming chairs and I can proudly say that they are amazing when it comes to quality and design. That said, you should not have any problems with the chairs – plus, a nifty extra feature is the variety of models which (as I said above) can help you choose the perfect chair for your needs.

AKRacing has good prices and nice materials. However, if you don’t mind spending a couple of hundred more, you should definitely be looking for high-end brands like Secretlab, GT and Noblechairs.

Finally, if you are a big guy, you may find the Tank Series by DXRacer as a better alternative to the Masters Series and its weight capacity of 181 kilograms. Who knows, you might add on a few extra kilos? This is a situation when weight capacity can make a huge difference.

Anyways, the best AKRacing gaming chairs in my list are the following:

  • The EX Series: Designed in 2018, this gaming chair is relatively new but heavy on good features. With a fully packed metal frame and amazing black paint, it looks luxurious and is very durable and comfortable
  • The SX Series: I’d say that this is the middle ground when it comes to the AKRacing chairs. The SX Series gives the best of the two worlds, blending features like PU leather with innovative design and adjustable headrest and backrest options.
  • The LX Series: Finally, the LX Series is a bit more expensive but gives you all – starting from the wider steel frame and heavier foam padding which really make a difference. The design and color accents are again great and the PU leather is very comfy to sit in.

If you have more money to spend and are in love with AKRacing, I’d also recommend the AKRacing Premium Collection which is a high-end model with a lot of nifty upgrades.

Which DXRacer And AKRacing Gaming Chair To Choose For My Height/Weight?

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If the part above confused you more than it explained the great features of both AKRacing and DXRacer – and you just want the short answer to the best chair for you – this is the section you should read.

So, let’s cut to the chase.

Small Gamers (<175cm and <80kg)

Gamers who are up to 175 cm (5’7”) tall and weigh up to 80 kilograms (176lbs) should choose:

  • The Elite Series by DXRacer: A solid model that comes with 3D armrests, flexible backrest and a good price. This is a practical option and one that won’t cost you an arm or a leg.
  • The EX Series by AKRacing: The EX Series is a model that is very adjustable, comes in five different color options and offers a recline to 180 degrees.

Medium-Sized Gamers (175cm-190cm and 75kg-90kg)

The medium-sized or average gamers who are up to 185 cm (6’05”) tall and weigh up to 90 kilograms (198lbs) should opt in for either of these models:

  • The Formula Series by DXRacer: The bestseller by DXRacer and a model that is one of the most appealing options in this category.
  • The SX Series by AKRacing: Innovative design, metal frame, amazing black paint on the frame, 3D armrests and adjustable lumbar, backrest and headrest support. In short, all the features that you need.

Bulky Gamers (>190cm and >90kg)

Lastly, we have the bulky, tall or overweight gamers who are above 190 cm (6’23”) in height and weigh more than 90 kilograms (198lbs) should opt in for either of these models:

  • The King Series by DXRacer: With the King, you are getting plenty of features including 360-degree swivel base with 3” wheels, high density foam in the seat, adjustable lumbar pillow and head/neck pillow and 4D armrests.
  • The Tank Series by DXRacer: Aside from the King Series, what I must list is the Tank Series by the brand, which supports gaers up to 180 kilograms (400 lbs) and comes with a 31.5” wide aluminum base. There is a heavy duty tilt, 3-inch casters, high density mold shaping foam and plenty of the standard premium features that DXRacer prides itself on.
  • AKRacing Series Max: The Series Max by AKRacing is a great all-around chair, especially for gamers who are proud of their weight. It boasts top-quality pleather upholstery, a metal frame, a cold-cure foam padding, five-star aluminum base and adjustable headrest and lumbar support – which are all pretty good features for a chair of this size.

Anyway, I recommend you use our gaming chair selection tool if you still don’t know what gaming chair is right for you. 

Final Thoughts

As always, I hope that my review of DXRacer vs. AKRacing helped you see which brand has a slight advantage over the other – at least in your perspective. I also hope that you will find all of the features you need in your next gaming chair.

Carl Chamoiseau

Founder of Topgamingchair.com and PC Gaming enthusiast, I review gaming chairs (and office chairs) since 2018. I have worked with some of the biggest brands in the industry: Secretlab, Noblechairs, Vertagear, DXRacer, AndaSeat to test new products and provide feedback.

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