GTRacing Gaming Chairs Review : Is This A Good Brand ?

When it comes to gaming chairs, there are many different customers with different needs, taste and budget. Fortunately, there are also many brands that know how to best accommodate these needs with a top-quality offering.

GTRacing is a brand of such caliber. The GTRacing gaming chairs are definitely designed with many things into consideration. Incorporating many different values in every single model, the brand knows how to manufacture gaming chairs that exceed the market’s expectations.

As the brand says in its “How We Do It” section, quality is not an easy thing and good gaming chairs need to be designed by teams who know the problems and pain points of gamers nowadays. The team at GTRacing includes engineers, designers and technology experts who continuously work on creating amazing gaming chairs that fill gamers’ needs and come at affordable prices.

What I like most about this brand is the unity in terms of design. In short, GTRacing knows how to leave a unique mark in every gaming chair but also makes all of the chairs unified from this viewpoint.

What Should You Know About The GTRacing Gaming Chairs?

Founded in 2011, GTRacing is a brand with a rich history. As it shows on the website, it has served more than 2,000,000 users all around the world with different types of supportive office and gaming chairs. Even though the first GTRacing gaming chair was developed in 2013 as an office chair, success came soon after this model sold like hotcakes in the United States.

This is how GTRacing expanded to Canada and Japan and entered into Europe as one of its crucial markets. 

What many don’t know about GTRacing is that the “GT” in the name of this brand is related to “gentle tiger” which is basically a synonym to the specialization of the brand in producing racing-style gaming chairs that are gentle enough, to support, encourage and comfort customers.

Below, I am sharing a quick rundown of the pros and cons of all the GTRacing gaming chairs.


  • Plenty of sizes and colors to choose from.
  • Plenty of nifty features that focus on ergonomy and comfort.
  • A solid steel frame that feels sturdy and will last for years.
  • A great brand to consider if you want solid features without a too sophisticated or luxurious design.
  • Reasonable prices on all gaming chairs do not cost much to upgrade from a cheaper to a more expensive model.


  • Not as good or as flashy as other leading brands.
  • Many chairs have quite similar designs which is bad if you want to stand out from the crowd.
  • Not the best option if you need a gaming chair you can sit in for days. For example, the Pro Series are best used part-time while the Luxury Series offers more comfort for full-time use.
  • Some of the models have 2D adjustable armrests which may feel like a downgrade from the 4D armrests which are an industry-standard in most of the newer models.

I also like the fact that the GTRacing gaming chairs are not overpriced and start at something like $200. If you are willing to choose a model with better specifications, you can add around $40 to upgrade to a better model of your choice (or more for the best model in the category).

Below, I am expanding on all of the points which make GTRacing a solid brand for many people.

GTRacing Gaming Chair Models & Features

If you are looking for a premium quality gaming chair that comes at an affordable price, GTRacing is definitely a brand to consider. With high-quality gaming chairs and minus the big prices or all the glitz and glamour features, this gaming chair manufacturer focuses on premium quality and reasonable prices.

Below, we are listing the main GTRacing gaming chair models. The three main models include the Pro Series, Luxury Series and Ace Series.

Pro Series

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The Pro Series live upon the premise of classic racing style gaming chairs coming at reasonable prices. As the most popular model in the lineup, the Pro Series offers 2D armrests and a 2-year warranty, which is better compared to many other entry models by similar competitors.

High-density foam padding, neck, and lumbar pillows are the two features you are going to find related to comfort. All of these are acting as solid support zones and are able to give you the experience of a lifetime, especially if you are in front of the screen for longer than usual.

The cover materials include standard PU leather trim in 2-tone or tri-color designs, while the support is based on a steel frame, class 4 gas lift and smooth rolling casters.All of these features make the GTRacing Pro Series a perfect fit for teens and slim adults of average height. Even though the Pro Series can support up to 330 pounds, the reality is that this model could be too narrow and people this heavy would be too wide for them. Slim adults, however, can have a comfortable experience knowing that the chair has around 21 inches in its seat width and 22.8 inches in seat depth.

Luxury Series

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GTRacing’s attempt to blend in more luxury in its gaming chairs gave birth to this collection of full-featured and extra-wide chairs which can support up to 400 pounds.

Even though GTRacing is not a gaming chair manufacturer that prides on glitz and glamour or anything too luxurious, they decided to also design a line like this with a reasonable price and a more futuristic design compared to their other models.

The Luxury Series GTRacing gaming chairs are selling out fast. They are a great model because of the 4D armrests, tilt lock mechanism, cold foam padding as well as many other high-end features. However, it is mostly the design that is attracting people’s attention and selling fast.

Available in black/black, black/grey and black/blue variations, the Luxury Series offer pro ergonomic features and support for 400 pounds. The feature set that you can get from this price is outstanding, mostly because of the high-end design and modern look of the GTRacing chairs.

The Luxury Series by GTRacing also comes with an improved weight capacity of 400 pounds, carrying extra-wide seats and reinforced steel frames. The backrest width is 22.4 inches in width and 33.7 inches in height, which is perfect even for taller people (up to 6’2”) and bulky gamers.

Ace Series

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The Ace Series are the latest novelty in the GTRacing lineup. It was inspired by the mega-popular GTRacing Pro Series but is designed with better features and a longer warranty.

Unlike many other models, they come with a 5-year warranty, 4D armrests and high quality padding. As such they offer great value for money and are perfect if you want the latest and greatest from the brand.

Some of the main features of the GTRacing Ace Series start with the maximum functionality found through the 4D armrests. Also, the reclining is up to 165 degrees with rocking and tilt tension.

When it comes to comfort, there is high-density foam padding along with neck and lumbar support cushions. In the foundation, we can spot a steel frame, Class 3 gas lift and XL Pu-coated casters.

The Ace Series is a chair that is ideal for people who are between 5’3” and 6’1” in height, and have a maximum weight capacity of 290 pounds. The almost 20-inch wide seat gives you a lot of room and comfort. 

Now, aside from the main models which are the Pro, Luxury and Ace Series, there are other GTRacing gaming chairs that have a positive reputation because of their unique features. They include the following.

GT505 Mesh Fabric Chairs

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The GT505 is the GTRacing gaming chair which is based on mesh fabric styles. This fabric is softer but also more prone to stains as mesh is more difficult to clean.

On the other hand, mesh is breathable and more durable, but also more expensive than PU leather gaming chairs. The GT505 mesh fabric model by GTRacing comes with 1D armrests which is a big minus, even though the dimensions are solid and based on the Classic GT1099 model.

(Bluetooth) Music Series

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Fans of gaming chairs with Bluetooth speakers will see this model as their ultimate one. The truth is, even if you are not a fan of gaming chairs playing music, you must admit that having speakers is cool when it comes to action and arcade games.

Big holes used for speakers are the example in the GTRacing gaming chairs too, offering a 360-degree immersive sound experience. You will need to run a USB from the backrest to your computer in order to charge the speakers, but that is only a problem that gamers who love features like these will understand.

When it comes to the actual power output and capacity of the Bluetooth speakers, a 3-hour charge gets you 5 to 6 hours of music time, paired with a 5-meter range for your PC. This can be a nifty upgrade to your office experience, making you more productive with sound all around you. For gaming, it is sure to tickle your brains and make you feel in love with your virtual endeavors.

GT890M Music Series

Also known as the Music Series, the GTRacing GT890 lineup offers best-selling models with added speakers. Even though the speakers are the only addition, they definitely feel like the focal point of the chair and do not cost more compared to the classic chair options (without speakers).

The upgrade to the Music Series is literally only $30 to $40 based on the price that you can get for GT890M, which won’t feel like spending too much money on something that is as cool as having music speakers on your gaming chair.

Are The GTRacing Gaming Chairs Comfortable To Sit In?

Now that we reviewed almost all of the models by GTRacing, it’s time to talk about their ergonomics and supportiveness.

I had a chance to sit on plenty of GTRacing gaming chair models. What I found is that while the prices of these chairs are cheaper than most of the competition, their ergonomics definitely match up with some of the competing brands.

Specifically, I found the high-back ergonomic system and design as a great way to sit ergonomically and fit any body type. The headrest pillow, detachable lumbar cushion and neck support cushion are all “cherries on the cake” and something that GTRacing included to prove that they care about comfort.

Still, comfort is a relative thing and while someone enjoys gaming on a leather chair, others prefer mesh as their go-to material. Luckily, GTRacing has made this possible too as an option, including both leather and mesh fabrics in its different gaming chair series. The mesh fabric focuses on breathability and comfort, while the leather chairs are their refined classic.

What About Durability And Stability?

As you probably know, durability and stability in gaming chairs are equally important factors you should focus on. This standard feature is done well in GTRacing’s gaming chair lineup.

In fact, the brand features an ergonomic metal frame that stimulates the most comfortable seating position and promotes high-end comfort even after long hours of sitting. The metal frame structure increases the lifespan of the gaming chair, keeping it stable as you move back and forth while gaming, working or just browsing the Web.

All in all, the 5-point base is the standard that proves that the GTRacing gaming chairs are good in terms of stability and durability. Their smooth-rolling casters are also solid, and this feature definitely meets the mid to high standards of the market.

Interested In Buying A GTRacing Gaming Chair For Your Office?

One of the things I wanted to advise many are the GTRacing office chairs. In fact, the best office chairs from GTRacing.

From all that I saw and reviewed, I can see that the Pro Series chairs will fit the average office worker that weighs up to 300 pounds well. With different color and styling options, this lineup is great if you want a simple yet functional office chair to work on. If you are looking for more cool features and upgrades, you can always opt-out for the footrest and music chairs (Bluetooth Music Series) which are also based on the Pro Series and have extra features.

Another good model for office enthusiasts is the Luxury Series, which offers more sophisticated options with roomy seating for both average and large people. Generally speaking, all of the GTRacing gaming chairs are good for the office, but these two series will fit the common requirements for work.

Final Verdict: Is GTRacing Worth It?

In the end, this is a question that everyone browsing through the GTRacing gaming chairs might have.

The truth is, GTRacing is nowhere near the perfect gaming chair. However, neither is any other brand. The goal of choosing a solid chair from GTRacing is to get the features you need and be ready to pay for them at a relatively more affordable price point.

This is why the brand focuses on creating versatile chairs. For instance, the Pro Series is perfect for beginners or average-sized users who won’t spend days playing games but only a couple of hours per day. They are stylish and durable, perfect for use in the living room, office or gaming room.

Similarly, the Luxury Series chairs are ideal for gamers who want to indulge in long-hour gaming, offering high-end features and improved comfort. GTRacing claims that this model was designed specifically for eSports gamers but was later popularized which is how the brand put it for commercial use. If you are looking for a more roomy gaming chair experience and larger sizes, this option is better for you.

Based upon great comfort and solid support as well as very honest and good prices, GTRacing is a brand that you can start with as a beginner in the gaming chair industry.

It is definitely one of the top 10 brands in the gaming chairs segment, offering amazing features, ergonomic options, and supportive design in each and every model.

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