What Chair Does Clix Use?

If you have watched Clix play, you have probably watched him playing Fortnite. Despite being only 15 years old, this YouTuber is the highest-earning Fortnite professional of 2020, playing professionally for NRG Esports and competing in tons of Fortnite tournaments.

So, what gaming chair does Clix use ? He currently uses a La-Z-Boy Harnett Executive Office Chair, which is not a gaming chair, but an office chair made by the La-Z-Boy. 

Since the product has been discontinued, you can’t buy it anymore. That said, the chair provides a lot of comforts and is made with durable and high-quality materials. Below, I am talking more about it.

Clix’s Chair: La-Z-Boy Harnett Executive Office Chair Main Features

Taken from : https://www.la-z-boy.com/p/home-accents/harnett-executive-office-chair-brown/_/R-46253B


  • Overall Depth: 33”
  • Overall Width: 27”
  • Overall Height: 43.25” -45.25”
  • Seat Depth: 19”
  • Seat Width: 21”
  • Seat Height: 20”
  • Inside Seat Width: 21”
  • Outside Seat Width: 27”
  • Seat Thickness: 7.75”

As I said above, the main feature of this gaming/office chair is comfort. The manufacturers have gone through a lot of tests to perfect the ergonomic features in the chair and blend them with the unique style.

Solid proof for that is the Comfort Core technology, which is basically a layering system that offers zone-based support through strategic cushion mapping.

Therefore, this executive office chair is soft in the parts up front, more firm at the back of the cushion, and extremely comfortable overall thanks to its polyfiber-fill top layer.

While comfort is a no-brainer here, what we can also notice is the extra room which is very handy especially if you are a big guy or girl.

The only thing that the La-Z-Boy gaming chair does not have is the sporty looks. However, if you are not after a gaming chair with a racing-inspired style, it will definitely do the job well and can even help you use it for work and other purposes.

About The Brand (La-Z-Boy)

Before I start covering the features, I would like to say a couple of things about La-Z-Boy as a brand

First of all, you should know that this brand does not specialize in gaming chairs – in fact, all of its models are part of an office chair collection and look kind of similar and ideal for corporate environments.

However, the comfort is what seduces many ordinary people and even gamers to get models such as the La-Z-Boy for their homes, mostly because of the great use of materials, awesome padding and great promotions by the brand such as the one that gives customers no interest if they decide to split the payment over 12 months in a unique financing offer (valid for October 2020).

The large product offering is another reinforcement that the La-Z-Boy Clix model is great and one that aims to bridge many gaps that other chairs have.

For any questions or general support, the brand also offers a live customer care line available from Monday to Friday at the number (800) 379-9773.

A Chair That Packs Plenty Of Ergonomics

When you first sit in this La-Z-Boy office chair, you will see how everything is perfectly designed to blend together.

The use of ergonomic controls is one of the things that gives this brand an advantage over others, allowing people to adjust their height and tilt for improved body alignment.

Next up are the armrests. Unlike many standard gaming chairs, Clix’s La-Z-Boy chair uses padded armrests for maximum ease.

The lock functions can keep your settings in place and let you customize your seating position.

A Solid And Sturdy Base

There is a durable wooden arched base with multi-surface mobility casters that allow free movement on carpets and hard floors – something that many gamers like Clix appreciate and something that is handy if you plan on using this chair on a variety of surfaces.

If you have heard of, seen or got a chance to sit on La-Z-Boy office chairs before, you probably know this first hand.

The overall construction on each of these chairs is marvelous, and their comfort is based upon great use of materials. We will talk about the materials in the next section.

High Quality Materials

Even though some of you may think that La-Z-Boy is simply not a brand that can take all glory when it comes to a great gaming chair, you should know that they use high-quality materials in all of their chairs.

For instance, this model (Hartnett) uses wood and steel components, soft bonded leather and heavy duty casters. In combination, these materials form a great chair that is modern, looks great, and is very functional when it comes to adapting itself to the human body.

Some of the other models are made with luxurious bonded leather, upholstered in it, and improved so that they make most of the rich and solid wood arms and base for a distinguished look.

The swivel chair by La-Z-Boy delivers an elegant touch to your home or office.

The sturdy components are also known for surpassing many rigorous BIFMA testing standards and supporting gamers of up to 400 pounds.

This is a good thing to know, mostly because many think that chairs like these cannot keep up with high-quality models. However, the La-Z-Boy used by Clix can support larger people, too.

The Multi-Layered Approach to Comfort

Clix is known to enjoy gaming on his La-Z-Boy gaming chair, and there is a secret to this comfort. That secret is kind of multi-layered, where each layer plays a vital role in the seating and the comfort that the chair provides.

In that manner, the first layer is a memory foam layer that conforms to the body to deliver individualized support. Next up is the poly-fiber top layer, which adds to overall plushness.

After that, we can see the softer support layer located at the front of the seat cushion for stronger support.

The mid and top layer are next. While the mid one is great for adding stability and durability to the seating, the top layer seat cushioning helps in alleviating discomfort.

There are plush pillowed body layers that provide cushioning and pressure point relief, as well as ergonomic seat-side controls that help for quick and easy height and tilt adjustment.

As a final touch, we must mention the contoured lumbar zone that provides direct support for the lower back area, knowing how critical and important that is nowadays.


The La-Z-Boy Harnett chair has also been approved by many chiropractors, mostly because of its contoured lumbar support and the great use of layers, memory foam and other details to establish different zones of comfort. 

The adjustable and ergonomic design puts this chair among the very best on the market, and Clix is a proud ambassador for this brand.

Even though tere are no flashy logos or fancy lines (which characterize other gaming chairs), this model is approved by the American Chiropractic Organization (ACA) as a “healthy choice” for any gamer.

While the contoured back lumbar panel is great for relaxing your back area, the big and tall design of the chair makes sure that you have enough room at your desk.

The comfort and support are optimized by the brand in the areas where you need them most, and you can literally adjust everything to maximize your seating position and enjoy the premium comfort.

So, Should You Buy The La-Z-Boy Chairs?

If you are asking yourself whether you should follow Clix and purchase a La-Z-Boy gaming chair, you should consider all of the features that I listed before.

As general advantages, I’d like to point out the attention to detail with the leather and other materials, as well as the ergonomics and the multi-layered design that promotes comfort.

When it comes to disadvantages, one of them might be the fact that some of the La-Z-Boy chairs look too much vintage, and would not complement other gaming equipment well.

However, if that is a thing you can live with, we recommend you to at least sit on some of these models and see how great they are in terms of comfort.

Ultimately, there are people who appreciate the attention to detail. I am a person of that kind and I can honestly say that when I got to see it in person, this model exceeded my expectations with the great use of materials and their high quality.

So, I am definitely up for purchasing a chair like this and enjoying the leather, wood, and memory foam in the best way I can. That said, you will have to find an alternative as it is no longer available for purchase. 

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