What Gaming Chair Does Tfue Use?

Many gamers look to YouTubers like Tfue for inspiration, so we’ve done the research for you and found out exactly what gaming chair Tfue uses, and why.

So, what gaming chair does Tfue use? Tfue uses the Maxnomic Commander S Gaming Chair (black and white edition). He began using the chair in August 2018 after upgrading from his previous chair, the DXRacer OH/DF73.

As one of the biggest gaming channels on YouTube, Tfue can probably afford any gaming chair he wants, so what is it that made him choose the Maxnomic Commander S?

Let’s explore this by taking a closer look at what this chair has to offer.

Key Benefits of the Maxnomic Commander S Gaming Chair

MAXNOMIC Commander S (BWE (Black/White)) Premium Gaming Office & Esports Chair

It’s easy to see why Tfue was attracted to this chair. It’s designed for comfort and, for someone whose job it is to sit down in front of the computer for hours on end, comfort is definitely important.

Here are some of the key features that make this chair so comfortable:

  • Tons of high-quality back and seat padding (twice as much as the DXRacer)
  • Adjustable lumbar support for ergonomic comfort
  • Fully adjustable armrests
  • A plush neck pillow
  • A high-quality PU leather cover
  • An adjustable backrest with 67 degrees of tilt

It also balances that comfort with style, which is important if, like Tfue, you’re making a living off making gaming look cool. The minimalist, “no-thrills”, black and white design and high back make for an impressively slick look.

It’s pretty durable too, with a sturdy tubular steel frame and a sturdy aluminum base. It can hold up to 330 lbs, which is definitely enough to support Tfue.

Heck, he can let a friend squeeze on too if he likes – this chair can take it!

As you can see, there’s a lot of good things to say about this chair, but what about the bad? Let’s find out.

Disadvantages of the Maxonomic Commander S Gaming Chair

If a high-profile, master gamer like Tfue is using this chair, it must be pretty perfect, right? Well, not necessarily.

The way I see it, no gaming chair is perfect, so I took the liberty of doing some research and scoured the internet for reviews to see what people are complaining about.

From what I found, most people have very few complaints about this chair, but I did identify two main issues that came up pretty frequently.

The first complaint was that the foam is very firm at first, which makes it uncomfortable to sit in. Apparently, it needs a little “breaking in” before it becomes comfortable, which takes a few weeks.

This is probably a good sign as it means the foam is high quality, but if you get this chair, just make sure you’re prepared for it to be a little hard on the backside at first!

The second complaint was that the paint on the base tends to chip pretty easily. Again, this isn’t a huge issue. It’s more cosmetic than anything. However, if you want to keep this chair in tip-top condition, you’ll need to be careful not to risk scratching the base.

Is Maxnomic a Good Brand?

We’ve talked about the chair, now let’s talk about the brand.

As you’d expect, having been endorsed by one of the most popular YouTube gaming channels, Maxnomic is one of the biggest and most well-known eSports chair manufacturers on the market.

They’ve been selling their German-engineered gaming chairs since 2011, which puts them 5 years behind their major competitor DXRacer, which began operating in 2006.

DXRacer and Maxnomic are essentially the leading players in the premium gaming chair market.

DXRacer, having been around longer, is the well-established “grandpa”, whereas Maxnomic is like the intriguing new kid on the block.

Which company is best is open to debate, but they’re both definitely excellent brands.

What makes Maxnomic so great is that all their chairs are manufactured with extremely sturdy steel frames, with a significantly higher pipe wall thickness than most other manufacturers.

All their chairs also come with freely adjustable backrests, movable 4D armrests (adjustable in both height and depth), and class 4 gas springs.

Maxnomic subcategorizes its gaming chairs into the following 4 categories:

  • Office Comfort
  • XL-series
  • Casual sport
  • Pro-Gaming & Office

Surprisingly, Tfue’s gaming chair (the Commander S) is actually in the Office Comfort category. Seeing as Tfue is widely known as the best Fortnite player in the world, this seems a little strange, but it’s true.

The reason it’s in this category, as opposed to the Pro-Gaming category, is that it’s been designed primarily to offer as much ergonomic support as possible, which is common in office chairs on account of the fact that they’re used for extended periods of time.

Apparently, Tfue just places back support at the top of his priority list!

How Much Does Tfue’s Chair Cost?

Alright, now let’s talk money!

Given that Tfue earned over $250,000 from a single Fortnite tournament earlier this year, you’d expect him to splash a lot of cash on a gaming chair, right?

Well, the actual price might surprise you. The Maxnomic Commander S costs less than $450. While by no means cheap, this price tag isn’t totally unaffordable. It’s well within the reach of serious gamers who are happy to invest in a decent gaming chair.

So is it worth the cost or is it overpriced? Well, I’d say this chair is well worth the cost if you plan on spending hours on end in it every day. It offers much better ergonomic support than cheaper alternatives, and will ultimately be much better for the health of your spine.

On the other hand, if you only plan to spend a few hours a week in your gaming chair, then you might feel that this chair is a little overpriced.

For the same price, you might be able to sacrifice some comfort and durability and get some additional useful features that would be more suitable for serious gamers with another brand, such as DXRacer.

Personally, if I was happy to spend $450 on a gaming chair, I’d buy this chair in a heartbeat, but that’s just me.

It really depends on your budget and what you want out of your gaming chair. I’ve listed on this article the 26 best gaming chairs you can find, so check it out if you don’t know where to start.

The verdict? Buy this chair if you want ergonomic comfort, look elsewhere if you’re looking for other features.

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